What Background Should I Use for Product Photography?
What Background Should I Use for Product Photography?
If you want to understand what background you have to choose, read this article and know what are the issues and some facts.

The perfect product photography always has a product subject which is the foreground and appropriate surroundings which is the background. The proper combination can ensure the high quality of the product image. That's why 71% of eCommerce images have been background removed or edited anyhow. Using the proper background helps to increase the appeal of the product images that you may want to use for your business or other purposes.

If you want to understand what background you have to choose, read this article and know what are the issues and some facts. As a professional, you may need this type of editing work regularly. So, it is important to understand the concept clearly. Let’s start then.

Importance of Using the Proper Background for Product Photography

Around 40% of people are like to choose a product online that is looked real and attractive in its image. To create an appropriate product photo, you need to choose the appropriate background for the photo. Otherwise, the product may not look as impressive as you want. The background of the product photography is the same important as the foreground.

By changing the background of a product, you can create more attractive product photos and use them for your work.

How to Choose the Appropriate Background

Choosing a background for the product photo is up to you. But this step can help you to create a proper photo for your business. so, be careful about it. Here are some background suggestions that you may consider when you will go to pick one manually and edit it.

·         Vinyl Backdrops

This type of background is preferable for food products. There are 2 types of vinyl backdrops.

1.   Marble vinyl backdrop

2.   Solid color vinyl backdrops. 

·         Metal Backgrounds

It can provide a solid and unique environment for the products. You can use metal scratches or stains to create high-quality images.

·         Foam Board

You can easily find foam boards in various colors. It is also easy to color the white foam board. It can be used as a background or for the surface of the products.

·         Colorful Background

Sometimes the white background may seem boring for the product photos. You can use a colorful background and test the image. If it seems interesting and attractive, use a colorful background then. But most of the time, the white background can do the magic.

·         Bokeh

It is a special kind of background effect. Bokeh is more popular for jewelry product images. This effect makes some parts of the subject blurred to attract more attention to the product. You edit the light combination for better finishing.

·         Fabric

The fabric background is getting popular day by day. You can choose from different types of fabrics like leather, silk, and many others. This can add more depth to the product photography.

·         Black Background

Using black background can make a unique surrounding for the products. It is preferable for jewelry products. But you may check this type.

·         Rocks

It is a budget-friendly way to represent the product photos with a hard and solid look. If you use rocks as background, place the product properly and do the necessary editing to create an appropriate product photo.

·         Wood

Wood can create a luxurious and classic atmosphere for product photography. You can physically use the wood or create a woody background by editing for the product photography.

·         Greenery

If you regularly need health or beauty products photography, you can use the greenery background to create fresh and cool product photography.

·         Rug

Using rugs can provide better results for your products. You can use the colorful rug to enhance the product’s beauty.

·         Tiles

It is quite easy to find suitable colored tiles for your product photography because of their varieties. The tiles can provide a cool vibe.

·         Patterns

Using patterns can help to create a more interesting visual effect for the product. But excessive use of the patterns can be harmful to the outcomes.

·         Gradient

It is a technical way to represent the product. You have to shoot perfectly and adjust the lighting to use this effect for the photos.

·         Liquid

It is a tested background idea to trust. You can shoot several times to find the perfect one for your product and then choose and do some editing to complete the background editing work.

·         Broken Elements

Broken elements can bring the look of the product durability and solidness easily. But you have to choose the proper products for this background like weight lifting products.

·         Shadows

Using the shadow as a background is a creative idea to work on. It mainly depends on the editing work of the product photography.

·         Prism Effect

Prism effect photography adds rainbow effects to create a brilliant background for the product. Place the prism in a different position to find the proper position.

·         Smoke

Using smoke as a background can create a luxury and hot effect for the products. You have to shoot and edit properly the image to get the best results.

Final Words

You may frequently need background editing services for your work. If you have experience with how to do these, you can easily do it. But sometimes you may need the photos in a short time or you may not have the proper experience to do the task. Then you can go for the product background change service that you want. These services are affordable and can provide the best result for your work.