How to Edit a Real Estate Photo Editing Using Photoshop Pen Tool
How to Edit a Real Estate Photo Editing Using Photoshop Pen Tool
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Real Estate Photo Editing Made Easy — Try Photoshop Pen Tool

The pen tool is one of the most valuable tools in Adobe Photoshop. Real estate photo editing services can create realistic-looking illustrations or provide a 3D feel to an image by making strokes appear on a blank surface.

In this article, you will learn how to use the pen tool in Photoshop and how it can help you finish your photo editing work faster. If you are looking for detailed tutorials on how to use every part of Photoshop.



When To Use The Pen Tool For Real Estate Image Editing Services?

  • Realistic Estate Buildings 

One of the first things you will notice when using the pen tool in Photoshop is that it's a cinch! You can create a realistic-looking stroke effect when drawing with a black pen, and a red pen stroke might work just as well if you are working on a decorative or straightforward design. 


Professional Photo Editing Services use pen tools to add life to the image and make it unique and attractive.


  • 3D Impression


However, if you are going to add more of a 3D impression to the building, then a dark pen color, such as black, might help you achieve this effect more effectively. If you want to add some details to make the artistic or creative background, you might also notice that pen tools have a very different feel when used in various locations. 


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When using a sketch or painter's brush on a white background, the stroke might feel light and naive; however, when using a black pen on a black background, you will likely get a thicker, more realistic stroke.


How to use the Pen Tool in Photoshop?


Now that you know when and how to use Photoshop's pen tool for professional real estate photo enhancement services let's get started!


Using Drop Shadows With The Pen Tool


To create drop shadows with the pen tool for professional real estate image processing services, follow the steps:


  • Click on the desired area of the paper or a blank canvas, then press the Option key (or the Alt key on Mac computers) to select the vertical menu option, " dropped shadows," from which you can drop shadow options.
  • Set the angle (0-90), the height (0-∞), or the amount of light shining on the object (unlimited) as your picture wants. 
  • You will notice a shadow on the canvas's chosen area. You can also use the drop shadow option in the Paths panel to create a drop shadow at the beginning or end of a path.

Using the Pen Tool on Textures

To add a 3D feel to your outsource real estate image editing services, you can choose to stroke the areas that make up a texture. 


For example, if you are working on editing the building of a city street, you can stroke the pavement to give the image a more realistic look. There are many times when this is useful, as well as helpful, as it helps you to avoid having textures looking flat and two-dimensional.




The pen tool is one of the most valuable tools in Adobe Photoshop. And the great thing about the tool is its easy peasy, and a beginner can easily use it to add creativity to the image. 


You can Real Estate Photo Editing Services if you're not okay with creating realistic-looking buildings or struggling to add a 3D feel to a digital picture.