Factors Affecting the prices of TMT Bars in India
Factors Affecting the prices of TMT Bars in India
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Thermo Mechanically Treated bars or TMT bars play a principal role in all kinds of construction like highways, dams, bridges, powerplants, stadiums, high-rise buildings, etc. Made with iron ore at Integrated Steel Plants, the grade of a TMT Steel bar ranges from Fe 415 to Fe600. These grades determine the quality and strength of TMT bars and their applications across varied projects. On an estimate, the top quality TMT Bars in India are priced between 45,000 INR and 75,000 INR per tonne. But in the last couple of years, the prices are on a rise. Through this article, we will help you understand the factors that affect this price range. 

Factors That Affect Prices of TMT Bars in India

1. Availability of raw material: Scrap metal and iron ore are the major elements required for the manufacturing of TMT bars. Coal, dolomite, and limestone are some other raw materials used in the production of TMT bars. Manufacturing of TMT bars requires various expert-handled procedures that the raw materials go through. But if this availability of raw materials fluctuates, they add to the cost of the finished product. 

2. Demand and Supply: Like with every other product supply chain, the prices of TMT bars are not static all year round. Like most metals, the prices fluctuate on a daily basis. When the supply for TMT bars rises, the prices drop and vice-versa. The forecasted supply and demand statistics also affect the prices of steel. With an ever-increasing demand for TMT bars in the Chinese economy, the rates of the finished good have already escalated multiple times over.

The trends in all parallel industries also affect the cost of TMT bars and other building materials to a large extent. 

3. Shipping and transfer costs: The shipping costs for heavy-duty metals and metal products are usually very high. The export costs and taxes levied on the transfer of such goods add manifolds to the increase in the cost of TMT brands in India. 

4. Fluctuations in oil prices: Many industries have shifted to solar power for the generation of electric power to fuel the manufacturing machinery of TMT bars. However, quite a number of them still rely on electric power and oils to run the required equipment. The fluctuations in the prices of oils and energy in the global market inevitably lead to a proportional growth in the cost of production.

5. Size and Strength: TMT bars are available not just in various grades but also in a variety of lengths and sizes. It is often advised that one must make a custom purchase of TMT bars as per the requirements of each project. The strength and durability of the bars also add to their market value. A variety of best-selling TMT bars in India are corrosion-free and fireproof. Earthquake-safe TMT bars also fall in the same category. The top quality TMT bars in India are ones that are thermal and fire-resistant and can absorb heat up to 550 to 600 degrees Celsius. Fire-resistant buildings are a mandatory requirement in many parts of the world and high-grade bars purchased from top TMT brands are the first step towards sustainable manmade structures.


The ultimate thought that one must put in while purchasing TMT bars is to buy durable products from renowned and genuine manufacturers. Buying TMT bars that are made using temp core technology from reliable names of the industry like Sree Metalliks will sure be a smart investment for your business. With years of experience in having an integrated setup of mining and two manufacturing units, they are among the top TMT brands in India and the biggest leaders in the TMT global market.

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