What is NFT in Gaming? Get the detailed insights here!
What is NFT in Gaming? Get the detailed insights here!
It would have been a straightforward 'Yes' had your question been like: does the gaming industry really need NFTs?


It's no surprise that recent gaming industry events have been around non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Ubisoft was the first major developer to release NFT items for Ghost Recon Breakpoint's military shooter. Square Enix's president and EA, Konami, and Zynga recently issued statements praising blockchain gaming. Will Wright and Peter Molyneux, two legendary game designers, have lent their support to NFT gaming projects. Before it even launched, Molyneux sold millions of dollars worth of NFTs.


NFT Implementation in Gaming


Do the NFTs impact the gaming industry as a whole? As of now, not at all. NFTs - at the start - have come in as a 'reward' concept for video games. The core idea of pursuing NFT gaming solutions relies on monetizing in-game items - they can be a player's skin or avatar, or in-game weapon. At the very least, they have something in common with the individual works of art that are frequently displayed alongside more traditional NFTs.


Play-to-earn Concept is incorporated as a 'reward' model in the NFT gaming platforms. However, I see them as a 'compensation' for whatever time the gamers spend on the platforms. Take the Ethereum-based NFT game Axie Infinity (for instance), where gamers earn native crypto in the form of a smooth love potion (SLP) for each battle win and adventures. 


Do you know? A 22-year-old Filipino managed to buy two houses with his earnings from Axie Infinity. 


What Does it Mean for 'Me'?


Are you an ardent gamer? You can play numerous play-to-earn NFT games and earn exciting rewards. 


Or else, if you're an entrepreneur, you can leverage the business-friendly NFT Game development services to unleash your NFT game. You can build a game on your favorite gaming genre, let it be an arcade, trading card, fantasy football, or even cricketing platform. 


However, ensure how your business model goes around the NFT game. Also, ascertain the new monetization opportunities.




At least for those who embrace NFT technology in gaming, NFTs holds tremendous potential to improve the gaming experience both fundamentally and aesthetically.