What are the Challenges in iOS App Development?
What are the Challenges in iOS App Development?
Anybody can create an iOS app by using the iOS appdevelopment kit, which is frequently updated by Apple. But iOS app developers do face some challenges while developing aniOS app:

What are the Challenges in iOS App Development?

Apple is growing every day. Over the years, iOS isbroadly used on a collection of devices containing an iPad, iPhone, and iPod.And however, with a new update, Apple provides new features and complicationsfor developers over the world. Some iOS development challenges arediscussed below: 

Challenges Faced by iOS Developers

Anybody can create an iOS app by using the iOS appdevelopment kit, which is frequently updated by Apple. But iOS app developers do face some challenges while developing aniOS app, like:


If you need to allocate your app on the App Store,you have to be 18 years or older and you have to buy a membership by giving afee of 97 USD per year. This can be an existent difficulty for new creators whoare just beginning out with iOS development or for somebody who is just testing with anidea. Similarly, the requirement can be a preventive feature for new developerswho are brilliant but do not see the age principles.

Rejection from the App Store

Apple is very stern about the value standards forapps in the App Store and has placed down clear rules that an app must survey.Your app might get banned due to the following reasons:

•       Poor Performance: An app can be bannedif it doesn’t run easily without any major breaks. Apple gives the highestpriority to customer happiness and if the app is slow to load, it isindifferent or if it has major errors, there is the best chance that the appwill get disallowed from the App Store.

•       Lackof information about the app: All app must contain metadata which defines whatthe app ensures, like screenshots, videos, and explanations.

•       Safety Issues: The app would notcontain horrible content that might contain content that helps violence,pornography, or consumption of illegal drugs, etc. If the app is in the child'scategory, then it can’t contain thirdparty analytics or third-partymarketing. 

•       Substandard UI and UX: The app musthave a great user interface which is not too confusing for the users. Thelayout should be attractive to the eye and must contain proper borders andpackaging. 

•       Copy of existing app: If the app isjust a replica of another app in the App Store, it will be disallowed as itdoes not contain any original content.

Device Compatibility

Apple has launched 11 iPhone types, and each newiPhone derives with major features in both software and hardware. Developershave to continually absorb the new features in the new versions and modernizethe app consequently; or else, the app will not run on the new iPhone. Thoughit takes a while for an innovative iPhone to be out when related to Android, developersstill have to save in mind about the key changes in the iOS updates and iOS challenges.

Resource Consumption

An app has incomplete resources offered to it andit must reduce the use of serious properties like the battery, CPU power, andmemory, or else, it might disturb the proper working of the device. This canhasty the user to uninstall the app from the device or provide it low rankings,which might disturb the popularity of the app in the App Store. To useresources optimally, the app should be allowed from major errors and should nothold needless code. The focus should be known on testing the app andeliminating bugs in an agile method. Occasionally developers have to make twotypes of the same app for creating it friendly with both low and high-enddevices. This can rise development time and cost to continue two versions ofthe same app.

Hardware and Software Requirements

The main effort while creating an iOS app is thatthe Combined Development Location applied for developing them is only friendlywith Mac. A developer has to take a Mac device to build an iOS app. Thishardware limitation requires the developer to construct on a particular stagethereby adding to the difficulty.

Storage Issues

The problem associated with memory and storingrestriction is mostly due to the amount of Apple devices, each devising its ownset of space.

Many iOS app developers fail in testing out thedevice storage limits and how the app will execute on various Apple devices.

Battery and Performance Optimization

Battery Drainage is a very important difficulty thatis common with Apple users. A customer inclines to uninstall an IOS app on theoff chance that they find out that it is demanding out their phone battery. So,iOS app developers want to certify that the request doesn't run any sort ofexcessive process that can suck the battery life. Battery and performanceoptimization itself is a tough task that should be just looked-upon mostly whenany new iOS version is launched.

High Expectations of UX/UI

As of High-quality UX and hard layout, iOS hasdeveloped as the top best of users. While creating an iOS app, developers needto recollect the requirements and probability of the end-users. They have tomake sure the UI contains just the essential features so as to create an easyto recognize the functionality. While making UI/UX for an app, designers oughtto study existing designs, so as to create a clever and instinctive interface.Since Apple has continuously provided its customers with top-notch quality, thedesigners have the responsibility of keeping up the quality of the apps, orelse users will not like it.

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