There's Only One Company That Offers Top Level Unmanned Systems - Tecscorp. Launches Marauder V
There's Only One Company That Offers Top Level Unmanned Systems - Tecscorp. Launches Marauder V
Right from defense systems to civil systems, TECSCORP has been at the forefront of helping our brave personnel and tech professionals defend the country and achieve their goals.

ST. PETERSBURG, FL (May 28th, 2021) - Top unmanned systems company TECSCORP has launched their new product, Marauder V. Belonging to the Gaman Business Group, this drone has been designed specifically with the possibility of a camera that is interchangeable. Equipped with strong vertical flight capabilities, the drone's camera is of very high precision that shows in the impeccable photographs taken by it. The drone is also linked under the reputed real time kinematic (RTK) technology. According to reports, this is the first of the slew of latest additions of drones and other technological developments that they are soon going to supply to the government. 

The Marauder V has been developed, designed and equipped with a powerful 24 megapixel camera for Photogrammetry. The drone also comes with optional multispectral imaging and sensors with different spectrographic channels for hyperspectral imaging. With regards to its flight time, its operational time window is between 60-90 minutes in normal flight conditions. The entire system has been developed and designed for a carefully balanced aggressive aerodynamic environment that can easily withstand level 4 winds and can operate up to a height of 4800 meters above sea level.

"Compared to our previous range of drones, this one is much more updated, much more effective, much more fierce. And we are providing it at mouth watering price to our buyers. We have more than met the specification requirements of our clients, especially requests regarding landing, takeoff, and high precision target lock characteristics that are the prime features of any drone. Its designed-for-civilian version is available for purchase online and through our global representatives. With original price being $6800, early birds can avail it for $5470 along with two batteries, carrying case and charger. Interested in drones? Get your piece today!" said Ronald Messino, the CEO of the company. 


TECSCORP is a company founded in 2009. For 10 years as a limited company it was a regional leader in services with Unmanned Systems. Later in 2013, it was registered as an international brand for 6 years. After that, it became part of the Gaman group as one of its product lines in charge of developing technology for the industrial sector, projecting itself in the development of sensors and increasing the accessibility of professionals to consumer equipment. 

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