The Impeccable Revenue Model Worth-considering In A Grofers Clone
The Impeccable Revenue Model Worth-considering In A Grofers Clone
If there’s one industry that has experienced a positive turnaround of events amid the widespread COVID-19 pandemic, it is inevitably the on-demand delivery sector.

With people stranded in their homes, the need for an online medium to shop essentials like food, grocery, etc., has become the talk of the town. Grocery delivery apps have experienced exponential growth amid the lockdown situation, and entrepreneurs are parading towards this flourishing sector. 

Are you an entrepreneur who wishes to storm into the sector by initiating your Grofers like app development? If so, you need to be wary of the different income-generating sources to integrate into your platform. 

Commissions: By aggregating different grocery outlets under one roof, retail store owners get to boost their sales. As a result, these outlets give up a percentage of their total payments as paid commissions for every order. 

Delivery charges: The comfort of availing doorstep grocery deliveries is one of the main reasons people prefer grocery delivery apps. While a portion of these delivery charges goes to the delivery team, a substantial amount reaches your pockets. 

Subscriptions: Rolling out subscriptions is a great monetization strategy to consider. Customers can give up subscription charges, either monthly/annually, to enjoy potential benefits. These charges add to your substantial income tally as well. 

Feature listing charges: Grocery stores that rank higher on search results have better conversion rates among the audience. Outlets can pay listing charges to appear on top of search results, boosting their visibility and profits. 

In-app advertisement charges: Displaying third-party ad banners on the platform can lead to a win-win situation. You can levy ad charges based on views, clicks, impressions, etc., adding to a steady income source. 

Wrapping up, 

An entrepreneur with a world-class Grofers clone can yield income from not one but numerous sources. This way, you can boost your ROI in no time, gaining an irreplaceable position among the audience.