SAP MM Certification Course - Best SAP Training Institute in Indore
SAP MM Certification Course - Best SAP Training Institute in Indore
Eminent Solutions completed its 17 years in SAP Consulting. We as a team of experienced consultants have proven in various industries our services of SAP Implementations & support

About the Course

SAP ERP Materials Management is a part of SAP Logistics functionality. Eminent IT Solution provides best training in SAP MM (Material Management). The SAP Logistics function incorporates a number of distinct areas that together follow the movement of materials from manufacturer to consumer. Logistics is the management of business operations, including the acquisition, storage, transportation, and delivery of goods along the supply chain. Materials Management contains many aspects of SAP functionality, including purchasing, goods receiving, material storage, inventory, and invoicing. Eminent IT Solution is the best SAP Training Institute in Indore as we have trained over 10k Students with 100% placement assistance

Curriculum :

SAP Overview

  • Introduction to SAP
  • Getting started to SAP

Overview of Material Management & Enterprise

  • Structure
  • SAP Configuration
  • Data Organization & Types
  • Enterprise Structure in MM
  • Defining of Organizational Units
  • Assignment of Organizational Units

Master Data in Material Management

  • Creation & Maintenance of Material Master
  • Creation & Maintenance of Vendor Master
  • Creation of Vendor Material Information Record

Procurement Process

  • Detail understanding of Procurement cycle
  • Purchase requisitions
  • Request for quotations
  • Quotation Maintenance
  • Price comparison

Purchase Order

  • Purchase order
  • Document type
  • Item category
  • Order processing

Goods Receipt

  • Basics of Material Movement type
  • Good receipt
  • Transfer posting
  • Material document
  • Account document

Invoice Verification

  • Concept of invoice verification in SAP
  • Invoice verifications
  • Debit & Credit memos

Stock Transfer

  • Concept of stock transfer
  • One step stock transfer
  • Two step stock transfer

Subcontracting Process

  • Details of subcontracting process
  • Raising subcontracting purchase order
  • Goods issues to vendor
  • Goods receipt against purchasing order
  • Consumption of purchase order


  • Quantity contracts
  • Value contracts
  • Scheduling Contracts

Scheduling Contracts

  • elivery scheduling contracts

Physical Inventory Process

  • Concept of Physical Inventory
  • SAP process of physical inventory
  • Difference in inventory process
  • Posting difference

Prices Determination Process in SAP

  • Condition technique
  • Pricing process in SAP
  • Schema determination
  • Access sequence
  • Integration of Tax & Price process

Split Valuation

  • Valuation type
  • Valuation category type
  • Configuration related to split valuation
  • Process understanding

Release Procedure For Purchasing Order

  • Concept of release process
  • Release group
  • Release class
  • Release characteristics
  • Configuration of release process

Automatic Account Determination

  • Parameters controlling Account determination
  • Valuation grouping code
  • Material type & Movement type controls