Salespanel Launches Low-Cost B2B Facebook Advertising Software
Salespanel Launches Low-Cost B2B Facebook Advertising Software
Salespanel's newly launched advertising solution helps B2B businesses qualify their visitors in real-time

B2B marketing software Salespanel launches an advertising feature to help customers market to their business clients and properly engage them through the crisis, as people now spend more time on Facebook. Facebook advertising is usually more appropriate for general consumers (B2C), but Salespanel’s feature makes it feasible to use business data while advertising to B2B users.

As the pandemic started getting traction, people started spending more time at home. Lockdowns were implemented in many countries. This significantly spiked social media usage all over the world. Although normal life has somewhat resumed, people still do not spend as much time outside as they used to. Facebook reported that 70% more time was spent on their platforms. B2B marketers always had the option to advertise on LinkedIn, but people spend more time on Facebook. And, on top of that, the advertising cost on LinkedIn is over 10 times higher than Facebook.

Salespanel’s marketing solution helps companies identify, track and qualify leads and engage with highly targeted content. The advertising feature would help customers analyze and qualify visitors and run campaigns at low advertising costs. This would greatly improve their ROI.

While there is more engagement during the pandemic, the strategy will always be beneficial, as Facebook is always a viable medium for advertising. More information can be found on Salespanel’s website.