Pasta Market Outlook
Pasta Market Outlook
Pasta Market

Due to people's busy lifestyles and increasing internet penetration, the online retailers category accounted for a large market share among distribution channels over the projection period. The global e-commerce packaging market, for example, was valued at US$ 21.43 billion in 2016, according to the Worldwide Market Report. Furthermore, the expansion of online grocery applications (apps) like Target, Grocery iQ, Favado, Amazon Fresh, Natures Basket Limited, Big Basket, and others is likely to enhance the online store segment over the projection period.

To extend their product portfolio and consumer base, major pasta makers are focusing on initiatives such as new releases, among others. For example, in November 2013, Ebro Foods, S.A. purchased the fresh pasta and sauce business from Olivieri Foods, a pasta and sauce manufacturer. Ebro Foods S.A.'s product portfolio and client base grew as a result of this transaction.




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