Key-Features Of Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development
Key-Features Of Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development
Developcoins is the leading cryptocurrency exchange software development company in India, creates scalable, responsive, rapid, & secure cryptocurrency exchange platform based on your business requirement.

Create your own decentralized cryptocurrency exchange platform with robust & advanced features:

Advanced & Robust CMS Panel

Our advanced & robust CMS panel will allow you to easily update your business content anytime from anywhere without learning any programming languages. We build this outstanding solution for our valuable clients to manage & update their websites frequently.

Trade with Matching Engine

Trade matching engine is the core software and hardware component of exchanges done electronically. We make it easy for you to trade cryptocurrency easily with our advanced software that empowers you to trade cryptocurrencies by connecting with a wide array of cryptocurrency trading networks.

KYC/AML Verification

The exchange software will ensure to identification and verify the identity of the traders involved in cryptocurrency exchange. Our exchange software comes with Customer documents management, document verification acknowledgment, and AML supportive system.

Multi-Sig Wallet Integration

We provide multi-sig wallets with rich features, allowing your exchange platform to conduct user KYC & AML verification for a secure system. We have business-ready-to-integrate wallet solutions for multiple Cryptocurrencies so that you can easily integrate multi-signature and encrypted wallets in your platform.

Security with accuracy

Security is the most essential need for cryptocurrency exchange. We have unique cryptocurrency exchange software solutions that enhance security by following the right protocol and improving the quality and accuracy of data.

Liquidity and API Integration

Liquidity and API integration will give ROI for your business by implementing live trades on your cryptocurrency trading website. We can provide liquidity solutions for your crypto trading business websites to satisfy your buy-sell orders in exchange.

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