Is Python Compulsory for Data Science Course in Bangalore ?
Is Python Compulsory for Data Science Course in Bangalore ?
Data processing cannot be done manually or with traditional methods or tools.

In recent years, data science has become a buzzword, and today various industries rely on data science experts to gain insight from the unprecedented flow of data.

Data processing cannot be done manually or with traditional methods or tools.

There are many advanced tools and programming languages available today for data science to obtain, clean, and analyze data.

Python is one of the most popular programming languages used by data scientists to understand the various aspects of Data Science course in Bangalore.

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You may be wondering if Python is necessary for data science course in Bangalore if you’re recently stepping into the field.

One can only answer this question fully when one understands Python and its use in data science course.

Let’s start with a short description of Python to better understand whether Python is necessary or not for data science and, if so, how.

Python Overview

Python is a high-level and general-purpose programming language with a superior reputation among other programming languages because 66% of data scientists use Python every day.

Its simple and easy-to-read syntax and its simplicity made it popular within days of its release on February 20, 1991.

Since this is an easy-to-use and open-source programming language, it is not only used in the field of data science but can also be used to develop desktop and web applications.

Data science course is so popular that there are currently over 137,000 libraries available to make the data science experience even better, and they are growing every day.

Python is undoubtedly one of the most popular and necessary tools in data science used to make data meaningful in a more meaningful way.

Python is a programming language used at every step in the data science lifecycle since most libraries and packages are designed specifically for data science jobs.

Python offers many interesting and useful packages, such as NumPy, SciPy, and pandas, useful tools for analyzing, exploring, and visualizing data.

However, without Python, it is not only impossible to perform data-related tasks, but it is also difficult to get a job because Python’s skill is highly valued in job descriptions.

Why Learn Python for Data Science?

Now you are familiar with Python and its importance for Data Science course in Bangalore. You should also be able to explain how Python differs from other languages and why it is important.


It’s flexible, which allows developers to create new and innovative applications. Python is the only programming language that allows programmers to create and execute any application.

Easy to Learn

It’s very simple to read, learn, and write.


It’s a versatile tool that ..can use in many areas and tasks, including data mining, product design, data science, data science, AI and machine learning, gaming, and web development. It’s a programming language that can do almost anything.

Fastest Growing Programming Language

According to Stack Overflow (a popular Q&A platform), Python is the fastest-growing programming language globally. It is rapidly growing with a 27% annual growth rate.

High Demand Data Science Jobs

Data science is a broad field that uses. Every company wants data scientists with years of experience proficient in Python.

Large Supportive Community

Python is used by approximately 8.2 Million developers to code and develop applications.

This means that the more users, the more people will contribute information, projects, and solutions.

If someone is stuck, it’s normal. Platforms like Github or Stack Overflow can help to create a larger community.

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