How to Switch your Career into IT?
How to Switch your Career into IT?
Career into IT

How to Switch your Career into IT?

There is intense competition in the IT sector. Studies show that IT jobs are expected to double in the coming 10 years. Everyday innovations are growing and people feel quite scared when they think of switching their career path from non-IT to IT. For the majority, there is a misconception of an absence of a 4 years Computer degree. In other’s cases, the career gap is a concern as they after clearing engineering ended up with non-technical jobs due to any reason.


Identify why do you want to switch career


Career switching is not easy, You know. There should be a valid reason to transfer your career to the IT industry. Observe if you’re unsatisfied with your current job and it makes you feel lethargic or you’re interested in technology and want to use it to solve problems. Having a reason to switch to IT will motivate you from the inside and you will be willing to work harder even with your current job.


5 steps for switching career to IT sector

Upskill with the right Certification.

Work on building a portfolio.

Stay active on relevant platforms.

Gain market knowledge.

Have patience and perseverance.


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