How To Enable Bluetooth In Windows PCs
How To Enable Bluetooth In Windows PCs
When you purchase a new Windows PC, you may be excited to know about the Bluetooth capability of your computer. Bluetooth connectivity is a great feature helping you connect Bluetooth enabled devices.

When you purchase a new Windows PC, you may be excited to know about the Bluetooth capability of your computer. Bluetooth connectivity is a great feature helping you connect Bluetooth enabled devices. With Bluetooth, you can connect any Bluetooth capable devices like smartphones or speakers to your computer. If you don’t know the location of the Bluetooth setting on your PC, you can read this post. This post will show you how to find and enable Bluetooth settings on your Windows computer. 

Use Windows settings

Before getting started with a Bluetooth device, you will need to go through Windows settings, including Control Panel on Windows 7 and the Settings app on Windows 10. 

Windows 10

  • If you use a PC with Windows 10 installed, you have to access the Action Center located at the right corner of the screen. From the Action Center, you have to hit on the All Settings button. Now choose Devices and hit on the Bluetooth & Other Devices located on the left side. 
  • Under the Settings menu and Bluetooth section, enable the toggle button to turn on Bluetooth. After turning on Bluetooth, you can pair your PC to another device by clicking on the Add Bluetooth or Other Device option. When the Add A Device tab opens, hit on Bluetooth to browser for nearby Bluetooth devices. 
  • If you kicked off your Bluetooth device’s pairing mode, it would appear in the list of available devices. So, choose it, and follow the onscreen instructions. After getting connected to the device, you can see it in the list of connected peripherals. 

Windows 7

Windows 7 is no longer safe to use as it doesn’t get updates from Microsoft for critical security. That means viruses and many other threats can infect the system, meaning it is dangerous to use. 

After installing a Bluetooth adapter, you can configure Bluetooth on your Windows 7 computer. It gets automatically enabled to use. Bluetooth comes as a built-in feature on PCs like a notebook, and you may be able to turn it on using a shortcut key. You can also take the help of the icon located in the system tray to enable Bluetooth. 

Moreover, many PCs and Bluetooth adapters can provide the required things for Bluetooth connectivity. Usually, you can click on the Start button and choose Devices and Printers. Now select Add A Device and choose the option, and then hit Next. Or, find the Control Panel and head to Hardware and Sound and hit on Devices and Printer to begin. You will have to follow guidelines for a specific device because the pairing process doesn’t remain the same on all devices.       

Turn on Bluetooth from the Action Center

If you have a PC with Windows 10, you can turn on or off Bluetooth from the Action Center. All you have to do is to click on the Bluetooth icon to turn it on. You will need to know that when Bluetooth is turned off, its icon turns grey and when it is turned on, it may appear like “not connected” (if no device is connected through it.) You will see a message like connected or attached if a Bluetooth device is currently paired.   After connecting a device for the first time to your PC, you don’t need to follow the pairing process when connecting the same device again, as your PC will automatically detect the same device (Bluetooth enabled) when it comes near to your computer. Note that don’t keep Bluetooth always enabled on your Windows PC as it can reduce your battery life, and cybercriminals can target your device.

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