How To Build A User-centric Application With Grofers Clone App?
How To Build A User-centric Application With Grofers Clone App?
The pandemic scenario has left all of us confined to our homes. People are looking for solutions that can be availed from the comfort of homes. Among these solutions, the grocery delivery apps are one of the most preferred solutions that customers look out for.

According to recent studies, customers who have access to fresh fruits and vegetables increased by 2.6% owing to the number of users involved in grocery shopping apps. Here are some of the prerequisites to be considered while building Grofers clone script:

Features to include in Grofers clone app

Easy to search: The products must be listed across various categories so that customers can search and locate the products as per their needs through the grocery delivery apps. Searching for the products is further enabled through searching and filtering options.

Add to cart: When customers select the products as per their needs. Customers can add items to the cart as per their requirements and checkout directly from the cart.

Secure payment options: The app must offer multiple payment options for the customers so that they can choose one as per their convenience. Moreover, the mobile wallet further adds up to the comfort of ordering through the Grocery delivery apps.

Push notifications: Customers can choose the modes for getting alerts and get reminders about exciting offers and deals through comprehensive apps.

Immense storage: The application must offer advanced storage facilities so that customers can store the data and retrieve it quickly as per their needs through the app. MongoDB, Cassandra, MailChimp are some of the technologies used to build an effective back-end storage space. 

Real-time analytics: Customers can review the current status of their orders through real-time analytics features. Apache Flink, Hadoop, and BigData analytics are used for creating analytics.

The above-mentioned are some of the features to be included as part of the Grofers clone script. Appdupe offers complete support for entrepreneurs to build grocery delivery apps as per their needs. Visit our website to learn more.