Defeat Domestic Violence with the Flow Foundation: For Lives of Women; Help Fight the Good Fight
Defeat Domestic Violence with the Flow Foundation: For Lives of Women; Help Fight the Good Fight
Don't take it lying down anymore; say enough is enough.

OAK LAWN, IL (June 01st, 2021) - Domestic abuse is as old as humankind itself. Insecure, incompetent men misusing their Neanderthal-era primal instincts and brute strength to silence and subjugate women has been going on since times immemorial. Every culture, every country, every region has a dark history of putting women down under their feet just to "put them at their place", as they put it. Not to be far behind, the unfortunate global pandemic that we're going through, one that has already claimed over a million deaths by official count, has put people back at homes and what has happened as a result? Yes, domestic violence. Massive domestic abuse. Many organizations across the world are fighting it today and doing a splendid job. In Illinois, it's The Flow Foundation: For Lives Of Women 

The Flow Foundation is an Illinois based organization that fights domestic violence in its full force — willful intimidation, physical assault, battery, sexual assault, and/or other abusive behavior. The power and control exerted by one partner against another is a type of psychological violence that leaves one scarred for life, often deeply. It is only in recent memory that this scourge, this eons old global virus called domestic violence, whose target is Mostly Women, has been fought off, and successfully. The Flow Foundation has been at the forefront in America in fighting this scourge, helping women get back their dignity and start afresh. 

"Domestic violence should never be taken lightly. Thousands of people go through it all their lives without uttering a word as if it were a simple domestic dispute. It's not. It doesn't just affect one woman or one person but successive generations. It's happening at an even worse pace now that couples who are usually separated for most hours of the day due to work are now  spending time together and don't know what to do. If the bull isn't taken by its horns, it will continue to oppress women generation after generation, destroying them psychologically. We at The Flow Foundation help these women fight the good fight and overcome their abused life. Our goal is to create a world where domestic violence is nipped in the bud", said the founder of The Flow Foundation. 

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The Flow Foundation is an organization based in Illinois that helps women overcome domestic abuse, rehabilitate and start a new life.

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