Best Real Estate Company In Bhatewar
Best Real Estate Company In Bhatewar
GOKUL PROPERTIES Are the Best Real Estate Company in Bhatewar. Buying and selling the properties like residential, commercial And farm-houses.

gokul properties

Gokul Properties

gokul properties

gokul properties

Gokul Properties

Best Real Estate Company In Bhatewar

GOKUL PROPERTIES still manages to be the Best Real Estate Company in Bhatewar in these tough times as well. It’s existence came into being in 2008 with all the necessities a person looks for in the residential areas, luxury farm houses and commercial properties in Bhatewar.

GOKUL PROPERTIES is led by its founder Mr UMESH NEBHANI, responsible for the firm’s continuity and successful survival in these tough times . The firm offers numerous facilities of Residential lands in Bhatewar keeping in mind the requirements of its customers regarding how they would like their dream place to be .GOKUL PROPERTIES strives to address all of the needs of clients in Residential lands in Bhatewar. The firm deals with all kinds of plots that make a human life beautiful.

Our work with clients does not cease once we have established a relationship with them .  as we believe in continuing to provide services even after the sale of residential lands and beautiful farm houses in Bhatewar has been completed. We also believe in making our customers feel that their satisfaction is our long term goal.

GOKUL PROPERTIES offers a family-friendly environment that includes a rest area for the elderly and a play area for children. We are well known for its suitability and perfection all over these years of success. By environment we not only mean physical environment but also mental environment. Our aim is to be the reason behind our customer’s  health and happiness.

Coping up with such a big responsibility, it is our utmost duty to manage and be responsible for all the hurdles and risks that come through our way of progress . We prefer to maintain calm during risk management and attend to our customers’ requirements and demands . not only during the transaction, but also beyond, as we strongly believe in after-sale services.

GOKUL PROPERTIES has always put it’s customers as its first and foremost priority. To make them feel that they are the superiors . their thoughts matter and also to support them every now and then as per their requirements.

With GOKUL PROPERTIES our customers are fully relieved from the stress regarding plots and lands . as we keep them updated about each and every detail which really matters to them. Being proactive is also one of the goals which we fulfill for a long term association with our customers.

Gokul Properties
302, 3rd Floor, Trimurti Heights,
Madhuban, Udaipur,
Rajasthan 313001

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Evolution of airports and highways
The current Maharana Pratap Airport is declared as International Airport and an expansion for a new terminal is in progress. Dabok-bhatewar road is near the international airport, six-lane state highway, and expansion of the upcoming high-scale industry. National Highway 8 project will have an expansion with a stretch of 113.8 km starting from Udaipur bypass till Gujarat.

Education Hub
Currently, there are 4 universities- M.L.S.U., Janardhan Ray Nagar, Rajasthan Vidyapeeth University, Agriculture University, and Sir Padampat Singhania University. Upcoming colleges and institutions- IIM-U and International Ayurvedic University (by Kanchan Seva Sansthan) and many engineering & management colleges.

Peri-Urban Development of City
Within a span of duration from 1946 to 2011, Udaipur has grown from 17 to 221 sq. km. A huge expansion of peri-urban area was observed in major regions- South and South-East towards Ahmedabad highway, East towards Chittorgarh, North-East towards Nathdwara. There has been a rise in gated communities, high rises, and other projects and schemes. According to the Master Plan 2031, the outskirts of Udaipur will turn into major investment opportunities with huge returns.


Udaipur known as the ‘Beauty Capital’ of Rajasthan is well known for handicrafts- paintings, marble artifacts, silver arts, terracotta items, and other handicrafts. Textile handicrafts and handloom are developed at Shilpgram. To encourage regional art and culture Craft bazaars are organized by Shilpgram.

Ectronics Design and Manufacturing
A huge market for the manufacturing of electronic instruments, control panels, sensitive metering technology, and LED lamps. Two globally known companies- Pyrotech Electronic Solution and Secure Meter Limited providing large level employment with a great amount of turnover.

Marble Industry
A huge market for the manufacturing of electronic instruments, control panels, sensitive metering technology, and LED lamps. Two globally known companies- Pyrotech Electronic Solution and Secure Meter Limited providing large level employment with a great amount of turnover.

Minerals and Mining
Udaipur is the lead producer of minerals like White Marble, Zinc, Rock Phosphate, Talc, Calcite, Quartz, Wollastonite, Pyrophyllite, and Sillimanite with the highest consumption demand in Europe and Middle East countries. Companies for different minerals known around the world- Calcite and Wallastonite (Wolkem India), Soapstone/Talc (Golcha Group), Zinc (Hindustan Zinc), Rock phosphate (RSMML).

Smart City project of Rajasthan selected Udaipur for its local area development and harnessing smart technologies in the city. Implementation of information & technology and improvement of infrastructure and other services. By the time, property rates will grow in Udaipur and that makes Udaipur be the best place for investment at current.

Heritage destination with uncountable sightseeing options in and around the city. Shrinathji and Eklingji are two important places for Hindu pilgrimage. ‘Royal Wedding’ concept is one business potential of the city; multiple venues in and around the city to celebrate occasions with the richness of royalty. All the major Hotel Chains are there in the city; thus, it a perfect destination for upper-class tourist visits. Healthcare & Tourism sector is at a boost with the opening of different institutes and colleges.

Udaipur is well connected to major cities via Air, Rail, and Road transportation modes. Making it more significant for investment. NH-76 between Udaipur and Chittorgarh is selected as part of the Golden Quadrilateral, which levels up the connectivity with major metro cities viz. Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Chennai.

High Return On Investment Property rates in Udaipur are lower than the national level as it is still in the development phase. Rajasthan has favorable tax rules resulting in a lower tax burden for non-investors. GST rates on under-construction properties are 5%. Udaipur has seen huge price appreciation (45 to 120%). Rates for the outskirts are lower than the tier-3 cities of the state. With the completion of the development phase, rates of the land will gradually rise.

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Gokul Properties and team is here to help you with legal documents required for property acquisition. If you are new in real estate and don’t know the whole procedure of buying a home, we provide the expertise and professional experience to help you avoid the complicated and often expensive legal system on your own. We are here to make your home buying journey as easier as possible. We will guide you from the scratch and help you in preparing all the legal documents under your specific direction, file them with the appropriate court and serve all the parties involved. We will work alongside you to ensure that your documents are completed correctly, confidentially and in a timely manner

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We assist real estate investors, lenders and developers, structure and apply debt and equity in transactions that seek to meet deadlines. Our real estate sector team also provides finance advisory services to our clients and assists them in raising funds in the form of debts or equity to meet their project financing. Combining market insights and experience with deep corporate finance knowledge, we can provide innovative solution that satisfies client’s need.

Beside our online forums and virtual interaction, the company has also been organizing seminars to get trained and learned more about this portal by our top expertise. The idea is to empower all our Independent Business Partners by giving them lifetime royalties with just a click of button.

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Gokul Properties is tied up with multiple banks in the city. We can help you in getting hassle free loan computation in a very competitive market rate. Gokul Properties & team assist you in getting most affordable interest rates from various banks. Our team professionals assist you in documentation and loan application. We will help you in getting maximum finance for or against your property. We will facilitate flexible/maximum loan tenure and we will help you throughout the process.

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If you have no past experience of sales and marketing, do not worry we got your back. No company targets will be imposed on you. With g-ventures, you can earn incentive based on per sale by you or any of your team members.

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