Who Wants To Know About Tulio Capriles Mendoza | Gianfranco Napolitano

To Know About Tulio Capriles Mendoza | Gianfranco Napolitano

Two names very researched and persecuted bythe official department in security ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement)and by the FBI. Tulio Capriles Mendozaand Gianfranco Napolitano are in the spotlight of all Venezuela, and much ofthe world.

The first of them Tulio Capriles Mendoza is known for being the current editor of theSpanish newspaper El Siglo, although he has also been closely linked topolitics since he was very young, becoming Vice Minister of Public Informationof Venezuela under President Hugo Chavez. His job was to group shameful anddespicable data from Chávez's opponents. His techniques became great, veryfeared criminal threats, referring to them as the "Tulio guillotine."Related to the entire regime of Hugo Chávez, his career consisted in producingpositive television advertising about him.

This is how in the early 2000s, and under amedia appearance Independent, Mendoza came to have 27 newspapers distributed byVenezuela in the secret name of Chavez. All a bad taste trap.

The second, known under the alias"gordelio", is Gianfranco Napolitano. A Venezuelan businessman, owner of Rumbera Network shares. Aprofessional career that lasted very little because the Supreme Court ofJustice seized one of his companies for owning a direct link with theappropriation of approved resources for public works in Yaracuy state. Withouta doubt, a great corruption maneuvers. But not everything ended there. In July2015, a journalist published a report describing a dispute between Napolitanoand a young businessman from Anzoátegui. GianfrancoNapolitano was accused of charging a bribe of $ 5 million to Anzoatiguense.

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After numerous sentences by the Supreme Courtof Justice to these two criminal public figures, both are still currentlylinked to dishonest work as front men of the political operation of money ofthe deputy Luis Parra.

Parra joins the accusations of corruption forexploitation of undue resources, which has already been denounced byenvironmental groups and local activists for their harmful effects on theenvironment.

We are faced with three characters sued andpersecuted for multiple extortion, robbery and expropriation duties.

News About Two Bribes – Tulio Capriles Mendoza | Gianfranco Napolitano

News About Two Bribes – Tulio Capriles Mendoza | Gianfranco Napolitano