7 home staging tips to quickly sell homes in Oakville
7 home staging tips to quickly sell homes in Oakville
Preparing new homes for sale involves a lot of research, remodeling, and negotiation, but the one thing people forget to implement is home staging.

Preparing new homes for sale involves a lot of research, remodeling, and negotiation, but the one thing people forget to implement is home staging. Even the most luxurious and lucrative real estate properties in places like Oakville fail to promote the main focal points of the house. We see many Oakville luxury homes for sale and some remain listed in the market for a significant amount of time. The main reason is that homeowners stall the staging and redesigning process. Due to lack of specialty and value, the property gets sold at a significantly lower amount and it also takes more time to get it off the marketplace.

Home staging is the best way to elevate your house value and increase the number of potential buyers. Real estate research shows that homes staged before listing were sold 80% faster than those listed afterward. However, staging new homes for sale demands numerous changes to the position of furniture, house spacing, and many more additions to the interiors. So what is the solution here? You can hire a professional stager or follow some simple tips given below to get the best bid for your property.

Tip #1 Depersonalize your Home

The first step to sell houses quickly is to forget that it’s your home. The more you cling to your personal items, the more time it will take to sell. Once it’s on the market, it becomes a commodity that people are ready to pay a good sum in value. When we see a house for sale in Oakville, we envision our future and visualize what it would be like sitting in the living room or playing catch in the backyard. Personal attachments can make the buyers uncomfortable and it would be hard for them to understand the flow of the house. At first, this can be a little difficult to change your style and taste, but to effectively stage your home, it is required to look at it objectively.

Tip #2 Make a Plan and identify things that need upgrades

Would you buy a house with broken tiles or damaged cabinets? Exactly! So when you are placing new Oakville homes for sale, you do not want to fall short because you forgot to replace a few handles or tiles. So, make a list of all the mandatory replacements for the bathrooms and kitchen. Don’t miss a single room while noting repairs, as buyers see these quirks as problems and it can be used as a bargaining chip during the negotiating process. It is recommended to focus on the essentials while thinking of damages such as room heaters, ventilation, air conditioning system, and other electrical panels. Once you are done eliminating the repairs, it is now important to examine exterior surfaces and look for cracks or leaks. Some areas that can use fresh paint instead of replacements include bathroom tiles, cabinets, and wood paneling. Some common colors used for applying thin coats are white and dark gray.

Tip # 3 There is always something left to clean

You should start deep cleaning before you even list your home on the market. While cleaning your rooms and front porch, you should keep this in mind- less is more. Homeowners should tuck away all the times that don’t uplift the style or texture and it is better to showcase more space than unnecessary items. One of the biggest selling points that every seller should remember is to make buyers feel spacious when they enter any luxury homes for sale in Oakville or other lucrative real estate opportunities in the country.

Decluttering includes everything! People tend to forget small things like cupboards and closets, but it is repeatedly observed that buyers tend to look at every minor detail of the house. The best way to reduce your pieces in each room is by renting a storage unit during the house-selling process. For example, if there is a home for sale in Oakville, you should rent a small storage unit that is easily accessible. After you made the rooms more spacious, it is time to bring the fibers and colors back to life on every carpet in the house.

Tip #4 Bring in the ‘WOW!’ effect

Buyers pay premium amounts when they see something special in a property. And as a seller, you need to ensure to bring in the ‘WOW!’ effect and close the deal. Some of the most expensive houses for sale in Oakville have this special effect and buyers fall in love with the place in a matter of seconds. One of the most liked aspects of real estate property is the stunning views through wall windows. If you hire a professional stager, he or she would advise you to not block these large wall-size windows with furniture. Sellers can also buy brand new floor-to-ceiling curtains as a part of their staging process and it will entice every potential buyer. Interior designs also play a huge role in displaying the special features of the house. It has been observed in many Oakville houses where they use wallpapers with a unique texture that makes each room stand out. In terms of high ceilings and large rooms, one can use low-profile furniture, as low sofas and beds create an optical illusion that meets buyers’ expectations.

Tip # 5 Natural flow is an invisible element for all new homes for sale

House tours should have that natural flow and buyers should want to explore every corner of the house. This invisible element can be cracked by placing eye-catching elements at the top of the stairs, in hallways, and in a few other special places in the house. This makes the buyer feel excited and would want to look at every room and level inside the house. Natural flow can be more emphasized by highlighting every focal point in the house and making them accessible to the buyer. The simplest way to understand the flow of your house is to put yourself in the shoes of your buyers. While you take a tour of your own house, there are some questions you need to ask yourself and you think objectively. Are there any obstacles that hinder your movement from one room to another? If yes, then you have to change the position of the furniture.

Creating focal points doesn’t necessarily require a professional interior designer, so look for things that can be taken to the next level. Got a beautiful window with a stunning view or an interesting original fireplace? Then, make sure to put something attractive to draw more attention to these focal points. This way, new houses on market draw more attention and could potentially close the deal at a huge profit.

Tip #6 Showcase the versatility of the space available

Showcasing the amount of space you have and displaying its versatility is so underrated in the home staging process. Sellers should consider rearranging the front porch if present to make it more appealing and spacious. Having a front porch gives sellers a huge opportunity to amplify the curb appeal. It gives a feeling of comfort, so take full advantage of it. Homeowners should also avoid keeping pet accessories and toys on the floor, as it can disturb the flow. The best way to put your house in the spotlight is by using new light fixtures or hiring a professional landscaper. Try to modernize your lighting systems and add more layers to show different shades of each room.

Tip #7 Make a way of life individuals are searching for

Just dial back to when you were in search of a brand new house for sale and you will understand what buyers actually look for in luxurious real estate properties. The colors should be neutral and bold, as every modern family is looking for that combination. Each room should have a purpose and it should highlight the best use of the space available. If you have any extra space left over, then make sure to furnish it and add new fixtures to increase the overall property value. For instance, utilize a little work area with a stool to present a workspace, or add a daybed to an office to make additional dozing space. Another of the principal things potential purchasers will see is your post box. In the event that you have an old, worn-looking post box, it can create a bad first impression.

# Bonus Tip

Hiring a professional real estate agent in Oakville for advice on home staging can help make necessary changes to the house so that it gives huge profits in return. It is suggested to see it as an investment and not an expense, as consultations with an expert home stager make sellers make better decisions in choosing the right colors and furniture placement.


The main purpose of home staging is to show the true beauty of a seller’s house. It encapsulates every element with fine detail that meets almost every buyer’s expectations. House staging fills gaps and it makes every property unique. Before sellers walk their way out of the door, they need to spot-check every corner of the house and cross-check with the list they have made. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to bring in some friends to ask for their feedback. This way, you will most likely impress many buyers who, in turn, will surprise you with good offers.