10 Best Free Apps for Book Lovers to Download | Apps for Reading Books
10 Best Free Apps for Book Lovers to Download | Apps for Reading Books
Finding the right apps for reading books can be difficult. There is a variety of app about books, Here are the best apps for reading books!

As technology deviations and grows, so do our reading habits. While this age-old hobby used to mean journeys to the collection or bookstore, policies like smartphones and iPads have made reading a digital practice, one that’s nearby virtually anybody, wherever.

You can read sections of anew fan-favorite actioner series and reference it, all in the same app. Or try community networking apps dedicated to book lovers and use smart apps to discover your next read. Here are some great choices for both iOS and Android.

Finding the correct apps for reading books can be hard. There is a variety of book apps, here are the best apps for reading books!


If you’re tired of reading novel books, you should check out Wattpad. It’s a new platform for the digital age where authors can straight connect with their book lovers. Wattpad brings a community portion to reading. You can cooperate with other readers by stating on a positive segment, a sentence, or a slogan inside a book.


Download: Wattpad



Goodreads is a social networking app for book fans. It’s the best place to learn new books, join groups, follow authors, and read appraisals. Once you start following your books with Goodreads, you’ll see references that are amazingly on-point.

Download: Goodreads

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle is the best app for reading stories. It offers readers a real book reading experience. However, Amazon also offers a Kindle app for its readers that provides a similar reading experience to the booklovers like a Kindle device.

Here, you can not only read books but also buying books at a low cost than a hardcover or a softcover book. Features such as Whispersync, X-ray, and Dark way create it one of the best apps for book lovers.

Download: Amazon Kindle


OverDrive allows you to carry your local collection in your pocket. OverDrive has achieved to shift disconnected libraries into the online world. The series varies based on your location or the content of your library propositions. And it’s not just ebooks; you can listen to audiobooks as well. All of this is existing with your local library card. If you like, it’s also probable to use the app as a substitute for Netflix and Amazon Main to watch movies, videos, or TV shows if the library offers them.


Inkitt is an app exactly designed for reading fiction and contains largely of indie authors. It covers some fiction types like passion, fantasy, sci-fi, and similar. The app is attractive to look at and a delight to use. Unlike Goodreads, the app is only for reading and does not run a social network. The firm behind the app is a publication house that aids a writer publish their story.


Download: Inkitt


ComiXology is an app that has a collection of over 10,000 graphic tales and manga from Marvel, Image, DC, and more. ComiXology provides subscription-based services. It enables you to build your library where you can save and download as many graphics tales and manga as you need. It offers immersive reading knowledge over its filmic guided view.

Download: ComiXology


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