Salsa Dance Lessons in Melbourne
Salsa Dance Lessons in Melbourne
Being a popular dance form since 100 years or so, salsa is now a contemporary dance that everyone enjoys doing.

5 Interesting Things You Should Know About Salsa Dancing

From salsa festivals and salsa competitions to salsa dance lessons, salsa can be found to create quite a buzz among dance-lovers everywhere. Do avail salsa dance lessons in Melbourne to master the art of salsa dancing at affordable pricing.

Below are 5 less-known facts about salsa dancing that will make you understand this Latin dance style even better.

1) Salsa was first introduced in Eastern Cuba during 1920s

Though salsa music has been famous since 1910s, the dance didn’t become sensational until 1920s. During the 70s, this entertaining dance came to popularity courtesy Cuban and Puerto Rican musicians residing in New York from where it spread to other places in USA and around the world, gradually.

2) It’s roots lie in Africa and the Caribbean islands

Do you know that salsa dancing is a fusion of multiple Latin dances? These include tango, mambo, flamenco and others with each place adding its own unique flavor to the sassy dance. This is why there are various styles of salsa which consist of Cuban, Columbian, Afro-Latino and Miami-style salsa.

3) The naming of this dance is a mystery

The name of this dance was inspired by this music style but it’s not sure why it came to be called “salsa”. Some say that its name is linked to the food as it fuses elements from different cultures much like the presence of diverse ingredients in salsa. And some are of the belief that it’s because the dance moves are spicy hot like yummy salsa!

4) Salsa is all about working your lower body

Throughout this fun dance, the upper body stays still and all movements happen in your lower body. No wonder that the swinging movement of hips is a signature trend of this dance!

5) Salsa is a remarkable workout

Apart from being an effective and energetic form of cardio, constant movement in the lower body make it an excellent workout for your hips, legs and muscles in your lower back.

Take part in salsa dance lessons in Melbourne offered by experienced and friendly instructors to do salsa like a true Latino or Latina!