Amped wireless range extender setup
Amped wireless range extender setup is a web page for a router set up. It can also access the features of Amped Routers. Log in requires the username and password. It is also strongly recommended by the experts that the username and password should be changed by default.

amped wireless setup: How do I setup my Amped Wireless Extender ac1750?

Amped wireless setup lets your home router gain the proficient speed from the modem. you'll be able to use the Amped range extender device to urge the fastest wifi connectivity across home. There are a variety of extender models provided by the Amped to its users throughout the globe including Amped wireless REC10 setup, Amped SR10000, Amped AC2600, and plenty of more. of these devices boost the prevailing router’s signal and enhance your wifi experience.

These include a straightforward setup process that you simply can perform with the Before you founded your device, you wish to complete the Amped wireless login process. you may find three categories in Amped extender models including desktop series models, professional series models, and connect extender series.


• Look for a suitable amped wireless range extender location which should be about halfway between your wireless home router and the Wi-Fi dead zone.

Note: Make sure that wherever you try to place the amped wireless range extender, it should receive a strong signal strength from your wireless router.

• Attach the antennas to the antenna connectors on the amped wireless range extender.

• Connect the computer to the amped wireless range extender using an Ethernet cable connecting at the internet or LAN port.

• Open a preferred web browser and enter to access the web menu of the amped wireless extender.

• An amped wireless router login screen appears following if you have setup and configured your amped wireless router previously for wireless network settings.

• If does not allow you to access the web menu of the amped router while amped wireless router login, you must try to log into the amped wireless router dashboard by typing in the default amped extender login IP address. into your browser’s address bar.

• Enter the amped wireless router default login username and password credentials on the login page as ‘admin’ in both the fields.

• You will enter the dashboard or the web menu of the amped wireless router.

• click on Scan to search for any available networks from the home router to extend.

• Select the wireless network that you want to extend. Highlight and select the wireless network of your home which you want to repeat or extend.

• Assign a new wireless network name and password for your extended Wireless network.

• You will be asked to configure the wireless network settings for your extended Wi-Fi network by entering new wireless network name new SSID and passphrase.

• The amped wireless range extender will then reboot.

• Reconnect your devices to the new extended wireless network by the amped wireless range extender. Your amped wireless Range extender has been set up successfully following login.

Amped wireless router and range extender reset:

The Amped wireless router as well as the amped wireless range extender can be reset to its factory default settings using the following methods: Using the Reset button Using the web interface of the amped wireless devices following login. Resetting via reset button on the amped wireless devices is quite easy and quick method following the steps below:

• Locate the reset button in a small pin hole which is located at the back of the amped wireless device.

• Using a straightened paper clip or a pin, press and keep holding the reset button on the router or extender for about ten seconds and then release the reset button.

• Wait for some time till the status LED light starts to flash indicating that your Amped wireless router or the amped wireless range extender has been restored back to its factory default settings.


For resetting the amped wireless router or range extender via web interface requires login to the web-based interface of amped wireless devices.

• Access from a web browser.

• Enter the amped wireless extender default login username and password credentials on the login page as ‘admin’ in both the fields.

• You will enter the dashboard or the web menu of the amped wireless range extender.

• Go to the settings page or the web menu and click on the factory reset tab which will restore the amped wireless devices to factory settings.

Optimal Placement Location for your amped wireless range extender:

You must place your amped wireless range extender at an optimal location using a Signal Strength LED, for indication of signal strength, that is located on the front of the amped wireless range extender. The recommended optimal location should be midway between the wireless router and wireless dead zone location.

• Green status LED: Excellent Wi-Fi Signal above 70%.

• Yellow status LED: Moderate Wi-Fi Signal strength between 60-69%.

• Red status LED: Poor Wi-Fi Signal strength below 59%.

After following the amped wireless range extender setup, login and configuration, the status LED can be used to guide you for positioning the amped range Extender to a better location. It is recommended that signal strength of the previous wireless network from home router should be at least 70%, i.e. status LED should light green in colour.

Note: The signal strength LED on the extender will not turn on unless the amped wireless range Extender setup via has not been completed first.

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