What Is E Cigarette & Its Working And Why We Prefer Custom Packaging For E Cigarette?
What Is E Cigarette & Its Working And Why We Prefer Custom Packaging For E Cigarette?
Electronic cigarettes (or "e-cigarettes") are battery-powered gadgets. They resemble cigarettes or cigars in appearance and feel but don't burn tobacco. Users of e-cigarettes inhale the vapor produced by heating liquids into the appearance of smoke.

Working Of E-Cigarette

Mouthpiece: This is a cartridge that is affixed to the tube's end. A tiny plastic cup with absorbent material soaked in a liquid solution is within.

Atomizer: This warms the substance, making it evaporate so that it can be inhaled.

Battery: The heating element is powered by this.

Sensor: When the user suctions on the device, the heater turns on.

Solution: E-liquid, often known as e-juice, is made up of nicotine, a base (typically propylene glycol), and flavoring.

Why Only Custom Packaging?

Custom E cigratte packaging boxes refers to the tailored packaging of goods by businesses to convey significant brand information to buyers. Typically, they are enhanced by patterns, colors, themes, and designs. Additionally, they offer embossing, spot UV printing, and print effects including foil stamping.

Go for Themes

Additionally, you can pick the ideal themes for your product. Your company's themes, colors, and patterns can help people understand your brand identity and draw in new clients. For instance, you might use a springtime floral design. Or add some red and white seasonal hues to your holiday presents. Your consumers will feel the greatest during any special season thanks to themes.

Better Customer Experience

Frequently, the packaging is your company's initial direct contact point with clients. Even if you can sell products without fancy packaging. Whether a consumer chooses an item off the shelf or has it delivered to their door. They will immediately notice the box it comes in. Their decision to buy from you is reinforced by custom packaging. Which increases the likelihood that they will do so again.  

The experience of your clients can also be improved by using unique packaging materials or extra things. A little extra value added by customizing the inside of your boxes can go a long way. Customers will know your brand gave them the best experience. When they see the distinctive style of your bespoke packaging, your brand materials, and the added benefits you offered.

The Materials Being Offered:


One of the greatest materials for the strength and packing of the delicate product. The packaging for e-cigarettes is cardboard. Additionally, when it comes to transporting, cardboard boxes are one of the greatest solutions. Additionally, it is one of the materials that are capable of being molded into any size and shape.    

Eco-Friendly Kraft:

Given that it is the best type of environmentally friendly material. Kraft is one of the materials that are in high demand right now. The kraft boxes are much preferred by the customers. Because they are environmentally friendly and excellent for use as packaging for e-cigarettes.


Corrugated boxes are on par with other packaging boxes when it comes to product safety and security. The material's two walls ensure the safety of your merchandise within. With the greatest printing services, this may be made available in various forms and dimensions.

Elements Of Custom Packaging

Printing And Finishing

Customers can have their custom designs printed on the casing using the printing and finishing customization options. On these E-cigarette boxes, they can have their company name, logo, and product description. And any other details printed that the buyers could find beneficial. Customers will find it simpler and less complicated to select their preferred brand as a result.

Styles of Packaging:

The market gives a lot of weight to package patterns. You can add a particular touch to your items by customizing bespoke packaging. Determining that your goods are not housed in any common or standard packaging boxes is how we ensure this. With the rectangle tux-stop field, hexagon tuck-end, pentagon tuck-end, sleeve container, two-piece field, etc. You can always add a unique touch to your packaging box.  

The Perfect Advertisement:

To make your product stand out in its sector of the market. The company's emblem and a well-designed description of the product must be printed on the packaging. According to the viewpoint of the market, various coating types make the custom packaging more alluring and fascinating. As a result, you have complete freedom to alter the printing process.