Are You Looking For Jacksonville medical malpractice lawyers?
Are You Looking For Jacksonville medical malpractice lawyers?
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At some point or another, we all have to rely on our doctor, nurse, or other medical provider to take care of us. When we are sick or injured, we expect these professionals to perform procedures accurately and take great care in diagnosing and treating a range of medical conditions. Unfortunately, even the most conscientious doctors, healthcare providers, or hospitals can make mistakes, and sometimes those mistakes can have disastrous consequences for patients and their families. Medical malpractice occurs when a patient is injured or damaged by doctors, surgeons, dentists, pharmacists, or other professionals who have failed to provide adequate treatment or adhere to accepted standards of practice.

All medical service providers — including licensed doctors and nurses, and hospitals and health facilities — are responsible for treating illnesses or injuries by providing competent care to patients to the best of their abilities. When a component fails to maintain an appropriate “standard of care” in diagnosing, prescribing treatment, or treating the condition, there can be life-altering consequences of negligent or incompetent function. Patients can suffer serious, debilitating, or even fatal injuries at the fault of their primary physician, surgeon, medical staff, healthcare facility, pharmacist, other provider, or HMO insurance carrier. Medical errors resulting from malpractice may aggravate the patient’s existing condition or result in an entirely new injury to the patient.

When policies and procedures are not properly followed or a provider fails to exercise an acceptable level of care and skill when providing services, Jacksonville medical malpractice lawyers may occur. However, there are many factors that must be considered and complex claims often require an experienced medical malpractice attorney who documents and presents a case in a timely manner. Our personal injury lawyers understand that the time immediately following an unexpected medical injury can be very confusing, frustrating and emotional. However, when you recover from a medical mistake or injury, our legal staff can work with the health care system and apply medical law to determine your rights and legal options.

what is not medical malpractice

Just because you experienced an unsuccessful outcome from medical treatment or surgery, it does not mean that you can successfully bring a lawsuit and seek monetary compensation. Medical malpractice only occurs when a provider fails to act in an acceptable manner or fails to provide an appropriate standard of care.

Although most healthcare providers do a good job, sometimes mistakes are made. Since all providers are required to exercise due care according to the standards of the profession involved, any entity or multiple entities may be held liable for your damages.

Note that the concept of medical malpractice is often misunderstood. If the results of the consultation or procedure do not resolve your medical problem, the situation does not escalate to the level of malpractice. It becomes malpractice when a medical professional performs to a substandard level that, when standards of care are met, you will be fine.

Does this sound like the situation you experienced? If so, know that we offer a free consultation where we will review your records at no charge. You can contact us online to set up your free consultation at Jacksonville medical malpractice law firm, or, you can call one of our experienced medical malpractice lawyers.

Deal with serious injury or death

While no amount can make up for medical malpractice, the compensation you receive can help you cope with a serious medical injury or the unexpected death of a loved one. But do not expect your healthcare provider or health facility to accept a breach of duty. If you believe mistakes may have been made, it is important to seek the advice of one of our malpractice attorneys as soon as possible as specific time limits may apply. As a victim of medical malpractice, you only have two years* after your injury is discovered to file a personal injury claim.

Jacksonville medical malpractice lawyers, we treat our customers like family and you will get to know everyone involved with your personal injury lawsuit. Although some failures or errors are obvious, many personal injury cases begin with a “gut feeling” that something isn’t quite right. Since we have nurse consultants on staff, this gives you a significant advantage at all stages of a medical negligence lawsuit.