Why choose Lithuania for apartment rent?
Why choose Lithuania for apartment rent?
Lithuania is a North European country with the largest city, Vilnius, as its capital. Other big cities are Kaunas, Klaip?da, Šiauliai, Panev?žys, Alytus, Marijampol?, Mažeikiai, Jonava, and Utena, which are quite significant.

Many people come to settle in this country for study pr career and ensure a better living. This beautiful country offers ample inexpensive facilities. So, if you are a foreigner who is aspiring to settle in Lithuania, here are the reasons to choose Butai Kaune, Vilnius, or anywhere else.

Reasons to choose Lithuania for apartment rent.

Check out why you should rent an apartment in Lithuania:

Inexpensive country

Although settling in a foreign country seems intimidating most of the time, Lithuania is not daunting at all. We often get worried about the expenses and our capabilities to cope with them. However, Lithuania is an inexpensive country as compared to other European countries.

The average rent of a single-bedroom apartment can vary from city to city but is nearly 400 to 450 EUR a month. The same type of apartment will cost almost half if you can explore the outskirts and countryside. A 3-bedroom can cost up to 700 EUR in cities and 450 EUR in the outskirts.

Ample average salary

If you worry about your average salary being compatible enough with the expenses in Lithuania, let me tell you this. As you already know, the rents of Butai Kaune, Jonava, or other cities in the country, your average salary can vary between 800 to 1000 EUR depending on your job. This amount excludes all taxes, which means you get this after paying all taxes, which leaves ample money to spend on the rent and other expenses.

Low utility cost

The utility cost and living expenses in this country are quite affordable; for example, internet access costs only around 10 EUR. Although basic utilities such as electricity, water, and cooling heating are not included in rent, these can cost up to 100 to 150 EUR at max.

These are the major reasons to choose Lithuania to live in. Apartment rent for the long term helps you get all the facilities and quality without any huge commitment and investment. It is also a great verslo idejos for property owners.