WazirX launches an NFT marketplace for Indian artists
WazirX launches an NFT marketplace for Indian artists
WazirX earned more market share in the crypto industry after revealing its plans for the launch of an NFT marketplace in India.

 This will lead to a huge rise in the price of the WazirX (WRX) utility token created on the robust Binance Chain. According to CoinMarketCap, WazirX has a humongous trading volume of $371.48 million that has grown by an impressive rate of 35.15% in just one day. The WazirX crypto exchange is used by a whopping 784,570 traders every week. Its NFT marketplace can be used by artists and content creators after they fill in the required information mentioned in the online waitlist.

WazirX is planning to take the lucrative business of NFT trading to the mainstream Indian economy through its modern online marketplace. India’s huge population of talented artists and content developers can now command a high price for their unique work and also need not depend on any intermediaries/middlemen. This will eventually make the Indian market a profitable location for creating valuable digital collectibles.

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