sales manager hierarchy
sales manager hierarchy
Saleswah will fit you whatever the size of your business, team or indeed the geographical spread of your operations.Do you have a flat team structure or a pyramid many levels deep? Saleswah handles all. It can also let you define roles like sales exec, sales manager, inside-sales, marketing etc for every user.Roles and hierarchy help define the data access privilege and the functions the users are able to perform.

CRM roles

There are many job functions and levels that use Saleswah and thus we use many Sales CRM user roles to map their functionality to.

Saleswah CRM is a true B2B CRM. So, as it captures all human interactions to promote business and provide post sales support, it groups all contact records, activities and opportunities within “Accounts”- or companies with whom you are doing business.

Within the CRM the Accounts are managed by an “Account Owner”- typically a sales executive using the CRM to keep track of his sales territory where this Account lies.