The patient lateral transfer devices is proposed to remain with the patient and offer transfer support all through a hospital stay. Patient lateral aides from numerous points of view, for example, during patient transfers it limits the danger of staff or medical caretakers injury, includes less attendants or staff, limits the time needs to transfer patient similarly to the norm of care, diminishes exertion that expected to transfer patients

A lateral transfer is shifting a patient from one surface to another, for example, bed to hospital cart, bed to bed, and others. This shifting of patients was done by staff individuals which makes a danger of injury to the medical services laborers' shoulders and lower back. Henceforth, utilization of patient lateral transfer devices, for example, roller sheets, repositioning sheets with utilization of a roof lift, erosion diminishing sheets, and air transfer devices diminishes the power to finish a lateral transfer which results is less number of musculoskeletal wounds in parental figures.

Lateral transfer is a repositioning help or device, which gives a simple and safe approach to laterally transfer patients by decreasing the rubbing. The patient lateral transfer device incorporates air-helped lateral transfer devices and sliding sheets. The air-helped lateral transfer devices system utilizes a pad of air to transfer patients laterally from one surface or bed to an alternate with particularly less rubbing and endeavors that too without lifting the patient.

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