installation and maintenance software
installation and maintenance software
Imagine you are a customer with a piece of faulty equipment. You are trying to reach a company phone number. Here are several things you, in all probability, do not know.

What is the phone number you have to reach
How to get thru the IVR menu options
Where is the warranty card?
If you have been in that situation (I know I have been), and you want a better way, read on. This is about a creative way to solve the same problem, using a mobile app called Grahak Setu.

maintenance and installation

Right from installation to scheduling routine periodic maintenance and attending to breakdowns, Saleswah CRM software for field service management helps you with Service ticket management. Ensuring you provide service which is predictable, dependable and timely.


Trigger installation tickets from shipment advise, schedule routine maintenance tickets based on rules you define, create and attend to breakdown tickets as needed.


Maintain history of equipment and sites and flag outlying behaviour.