How Influencer Marketing Agency analyze and use your data
How Influencer Marketing Agency analyze and use your data
If you're an influencer marketing agency, you must know how data & analysis play a role in gearing up your social media account. The advent of technology has made us dependent on data & analytics.

How Influencer Marketing Agency analyze and use your data

If you're an influencer marketing agency, you must know how data & analysis play a role in gearing up your social media account. The advent of technology has made us dependent on data & analytics. 


Therefore, this blog intents to give you all knowledge about instagram analytics! And how Influencers marketing agency India uses these analyses to level up influencer marketing campaigns.


Let's get started, 


Why is Instagram analytics important?


You all are familiar with the term data-driven. The market today depends on numbers & insights. Therefore influencer marketing agencies make 80% of their decisions depending on these numbers rather than only anecdotes. 


And about the importance, the IG analytics speaks for itself because the data they're providing influencers empowers them to: 


  • Recreate Audience Based Content 


IG account insights allow influencers at Influencers Marketing India to recreate the content that their audience is looking for. Considering the Instagram algorithm struggle and the growing competition, it still gives them vital insights. Let you understand what your audience calls for and what they don't want to see again on your profile.


  • Highlights The Growth Trends


It keeps track of your growth trends, which are directly associated with your content strategy & engagement. How? It'll always let you know which reels on instagram are outperforming. Are your growth of followers consistent with every post? And most important, which audience to approach for your campaigns. 


  • In-hand Report


It is a time saver for a top influencers marketing agency in India. You can explain the account growth within a few minutes with the descriptive graphics & numbers it provides to the account. 

Your influencers won't take much time to explain the whole account growth to stakeholders. 

How To Access Your Instagram Analytics?


Here is some good stuff to discuss, And if you're totally new to instagram metrics monitoring. This part is specially written for you. 


The first thing you need to do is to set your instagram account to a professional or business profile, as the insights features are restricted to business profiles. And if you haven't, ask your influencer marketing agency to do so. 


Or you can do it yourself, just a few steps: 


Open your Instagram setting from the top right corner button in the profile tab. 

Search for the account, scroll down and click on "switch to a professional account." 


And there you go! 


You can get your account insights from the "professional dashboard tab" in the profile menu. It is so simple.


Enable Creator Analytics On Instagram


Have you been through something similar before? When configuring Instagram analytics, tap "Insights" from your account. You can now access your audience's overall view, content summary, and top-performing posts. 


Instagram analytics overview offers influencer marketing agencies a comprehensive view of your IG presence and growth. That said, it's just a taste of what you can learn from your numbers.


Your Instagram audience insights are a gold mine of information that can help you increase engagement and grow your account if you know what to look for.

Instagram-Analytics Tools

Various tools help you get better results from your Instagram marketing efforts. Here are some of them:

 • IGTV Viewer – Allows users to view your latest IGTV videos.

 • IGTV Discover – Shows you suggestions of trending hashtags & user accounts based on your posts.

 • IGTV Explore– Helps you discover popular videos

 • IGTV Analytics – Find out how many people viewed your video, who liked it, and how often they've watched it.

 • Followers – See which influencers are following you back.

 • Comments – Analyze comments left by potential customers and followers.

 • Likes – Learn who likes your posts and who doesn't.

 • Mentions – See if any of your competitors have mentioned you on their social media channels.

 • Hashtags – Check which tags are most frequently used by your audience.

 • Loves – Identify top influencers in your niche.


How Influencer Marketing Agencies Track Your Instagram Insights?


Influencer marketing agencies never let you panic about your data, insights or progress. They'll always keep you on track with your success metrics. Now with account insights, you've access to walk through how your influencers are doing. Such time-saver analytics! 


Let's walk through what top influencer marketing agencies in India do with the data,


The insights help a lot to create a big-picture on instagram. It gives a quick summary of what you're doing on the internet. And let your brand make a better decision for the future. 


Audience insights and analytics are a huge plus!


Again, regarding audience insights, Instagram's native analytics are pretty potent. The channel highlights valuable customer data for influencer marketing agencies such as:


  • Demographics of the audience (age, gender, location)

  • Growth of followers over time

  • Engagements and interactions with the viewer over time

  • Percentage of followers relative to non-who interact


Bottom Line


Are you still confused about native Instagram analytics? If you're thinking of growing your presence faster over social media platforms, it's time to get your instagram data used for good! We hope this blog gave you a deep understanding of how influencer marketing agencies use the data to create an authentic business profile on the internet. 


While searching for influencers for your campaign, let us ease your work! Get the right influencer match for your brand with Influencer Marketing India and uncover more insights you can take into action. One of the top Influencer marketing agency in India that provides an all-in-one solution for scaling your social media presence.


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