How can the Xcad Network become a big competitor to YouTube?
How can the Xcad Network become a big competitor to YouTube?
Content creators have immensely benefited from crypto collectibles as they have full freedom to distribute their content and reach their target audience effectively.

There is no doubt that YouTube is one of the biggest video content distribution platforms in the world. Though the tech giant publishes advertisements on the videos posted by creators, it does not share any revenue with them. 

The content creators who are not included in the YouTube Partner Program fail to monetize their videos as they do not have the required number of subscribers (at least 1000) for their channels. 

The Xcad Network aims to offer easy monetization options for content creators on both YouTube and other social media platforms. It is built on the Zilliqa public blockchain network and has raised a humongous $20 million in funds so far. XCad Network will also integrate a DeFi plugin where the content developers offer rewards directly to the viewers for engagement and watching their videos. 

The content creators can earn more revenue if there is an increase in the number of subscribers, total views, and overall watch time. The users will create unique memorabilia for the videos they have watched and trade valuable NFTs with each other. The Xcad Network is located in the British Virgin Islands, Caribbean territory. 

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