Hit the on-demand grocery delivery market with the right online app
Hit the on-demand grocery delivery market with the right online app
With smartphones, people can buy almost anything with just a few taps on their smartphones. Grocery delivery is one such service that people can avail instantly. It is a profitable business for all the entrepreneurs out there.

It is a profitable business for all the entrepreneurs out there. Currently, if you are looking for a business opportunity to invest in, then this is one of the right choices. Especially, considering the pandemic situation, venturing into this industry will help you become a crucial contributor to the market  and thereby generate more revenue. This blog will guide you through the process of developing an efficient grocery delivery platform for your business. 

What is the need for an online app for your business?

Every on-demand business, mainly the grocery delivery business, requires a robust and feature-rich app via which users can get their groceries delivered, delivery executives and store owners can earn consistently, and the business owner can manage the services efficiently. 

 A few benefits of grocery app development are listed below:


  • Users will be able to avail instant and affordable grocery delivery services via the app. 

  • Store owners can register with the app and increase their presence in their vicinity. 

  • Delivery executives can sign up with the delivery app, paving the way for a regular source of income. They are also provided with the advantage of flexible work hours. 

  • Business owners can manage and monitor the entire process effectively. Also, they will enjoy multiple sources of revenue by offering service via an app. 

Distinctive panels of a grocery delivery app & its features:

The online app for delivering groceries should have four different panels as there are four crucial roles to be played: customer, delivery executive, admin, and the store owner. All these panels should have their respective features, as mentioned below:

Customer app:

Customers should be able to sign up or log in with the app and place orders for grocery delivery in an instant. They require a user-friendly interface with all the required attributes. 

Easy sign-up process:

Customers should be allowed to sign up using their email IDs, mobile numbers, or social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. 

Search filters:

The app should have multiple search filters in order to help users find an item of their choice in no time. This will allure more users towards the app. 

Re-order facility:

Users should be able to repeat any previous orders with just a single tap on the re-order option available in the app. 

Scheduled service:

Customers should be allowed to schedule their grocery delivery services by specifying the required details in the app. 

Live tracking:

They should have access to the live location and the arrival time of delivery executives when they place an order. 

Multiple payment modes:

The app should contain multiple payment modes, such as credit/debit cards, net banking, UPI, and more, for increased customer convenience. 

Multi-language support:

Allow the users to view the app in the language of their choice. This will help users across the globe to get access to your app. 


Customers should be informed about payment status, order confirmation, and more via text messages or push notifications. 

Offers and discounts:

Customers should be provided with offers or coupons regularly, as this will make them opt for your service over the competitors. 

Reviews and ratings:

Customers should be allowed to quickly rate and review the grocery delivery service after a successful delivery. 

Delivery executive app:

With this app, delivery executives can register with the app using their mobile numbers, email IDs, or social media handles. They can deliver groceries and earn via the online platform on a regular basis. 

Setup profile:

Delivery executives should be allowed to register quickly and build a profile for themselves by specifying a short description. 


After they log in successfully, delivery executives have to upload certain documents to the app for the verification process. The admin approves the delivery agents after the proper screening process. 

Availability toggle:

The delivery executive panel should have an availability toggle using which they can display their status as available/not available. If they are not available, the order requests will be forwarded to the next available executive. 

Accept/Reject requests:

Delivery executives can accept or reject user requests based on their availability, distance, and a few other factors. 

Easy navigation:

Delivery executives should be able to view the location of customers once they accept the requests. 

Connect with customers:

Delivery executives should be allowed to view customer details, such as contact number, name, and more, during an ongoing request. 

Earning history:

Delivery executives should also be able to view their yearly, monthly, and daily earnings via the app. 

Store owner app:

Store owners can log in to the grocery delivery app and register their grocery store with the app. They can upload the list of items and specify the availability regularly. Its attributes include:

Store locations:

Store owners can list their multiple store locations in the app, and users can choose a store that is nearest to their location. 


Store owners can also pack all the groceries requested by customers, and customers can pick it up from the stores when they require it. 

Manage inventory:

With the online app, store owners can manage the stock efficiently and update related details to the app when required. 

Customer support:

Store owners should also be able to provide support services to customers if they have any queries or concerns. 

Accept orders:

They can accept user requests via the online app after reviewing the order placed by users. 

Track details:

Store owners can view the details of delivery executives and users during an ongoing request. 

Admin panel:

Admins will have a dashboard with all the necessary tools to manage the grocery delivery process. They will have access to all app and user-related data. The features include:

Quick login:

Admins can log in easily with the help of the credentials provided to them and access all data. 

Manage users and stores:

Admins can quickly manage the user and store related data via the dashboard whenever required. 


Admins can enter into paid partnerships with other brands and display their ads on the app for a limited period. 

Manage listings:

Admins can manage the list of stores that are registered with the app and remove or add any store if needed. 

Access to reviews:

Admins can view all the ratings and reviews provided by each user via the admin dashboard. 

Create offers:

They can create brand new offers and discounts for users and provide it to them from time to time. 

Commission cut-down:

Admins will cut-down the commission and then transfer the earnings to deliver executives’ and store owners’ bank accounts. 

To conclude:

Build an app with all these advanced features, and it will be an instant hit among the users in the on-demand grocery delivery market. Approach a suitable grocery app provider in the market and start building the right app now.