A Brief Account of the Mc (Multi Combination) Licence for Driving
A Brief Account of the Mc (Multi Combination) Licence for Driving
If you are looking forward to acquiring a MC licence in NSW you need to fulfil certain criteria and eligibility.

Multi Combination (MC Class) heavy licence gives you the authority to drive any combination vehicle that can tow two or more trailers - each with a gross vehicle mass in excess of 9000 kg. 

To acquire an MC licence in Marriot Blue as in anywhere else, you must go beyond just being a provisional licence holder. You must hold a car (Class C) licence for at least 3 years and be a holder of a Heavy Rigid (HR) or Heavy Combination (HC) licence for at least a year.

Learning to drive MC Class Vehicle

 Once you have been cleared by the authorities for acquiring your HR or HC vehicle licence, you are eligible to learn driving the MC class combination vehicles. Though a learner’s permit is needed for that, you need to be accompanied by a supervisor, with the following criteria:

  • The professional has to be a licensed driver holding either an MC o a higher class driver’s licence. This may include a driving mentor who can deliver the MC drivers’ training on the behalf of a DOT-registered and approved driving school or organisation,
  • A professional instructor in a youth driver education course, holding a higher class drivers’ licence or MC.
  • An individual holding a valid and functional MC drivers’ licence of a minimum of 4 years. 

Eyesight Testing

If you are applying to acquire the MC driver’s licence, you are required to undertake the standard eyesight test for the driver of the commercial vehicle, when they apply for the licence of the heavy vehicle driver. 

Declaration of Commercial Medical Eligibility

If you are looking forward to having a MC licence in Bondi, you are needed to declare a long or short term, permanent or temporary mental or physical condition, including dependence on drugs, alcohol or other artificial stimulants that is being addressed by medical treatment or which has the possibility of impairing your ability of controlling a HC vehicle.

The objective of the vehicle competency standards is to produce not only competent but safe and knowledgeable drivers and as such underpin the best training and licensing system in NSW.


These MC vehicle standards are used by the professional accessors for determining whether you are competent enough - physically and mentally, to operate an MC vehicle.