5 Tips to Become the Best Autumn Bride
5 Tips to Become the Best Autumn Bride
Autumn brides are always so adorable! In this article, we'll share ideas to help you create an unforgettable fall look at your wedding.

5 Tips to Become the Best Autumn Bride

Autumn brides are always so adorable! In this article, we'll share ideas to help you create an unforgettable fall look at your wedding.

1. The dress

In the cool and incredibly colorful autumn season, you can afford the luxury of wearing a dress with long sleeves or 3/4 sleeves. Dresses in the traditional English style are becoming more and more popular this season, since according to etiquette, brides in England should not marry with their hands on. Downton Abbey style outfits will decorate both a classic celebration and a light romantic celebration.

A wide variety of styles for the fall season allow brides to show their imagination: it can be a classic dress made of thick lace or a tight-fitting dress with decoration in the Great Gatsby style, a layered dress in real autumn ocher and peach colors, or even a separate option - a fluffy skirt and a sweater.

It is important that the fabric of the dress keeps its shape and fully matches the chosen style. An autumn cloudy day can be slightly diluted with simple but interesting details - a colored sweater or snood, embroidery or dress trim. You can safely opt for colored dresses: smoky gray, powdery and pink, mustard and blue, emerald and burgundy shades.

It is important to take care of warmth and comfort - the weather in the fall season can be unpredictable and moody. Therefore, prepare those wardrobe details that will not only emphasize the chosen style and style, but also warm you even on the coldest autumn day - a fur coat, coat, short or long, tight jacket, shawl, beautiful sweater or cardigan.

2. Shoes

Shoes are an indispensable part of any bride's look, and in the fall it is better to prepare several of their options. For a walk with a photographer and videographer in nature, take rubber boots or comfortable sneakers, ankle boots or closed shoes that will guarantee you warmth and comfort even in rainy weather.

This detail can be played up at a photo session: prepare identical pairs of boots for yourself and your half and accessories in color (scarves, snoods, gloves).

For that part of the party that will be held indoors, you need to pick up another pair of shoes: it can be classic shoes or colored sandals, suede shoes, open ankle boots or even oxfords. The main thing is that the shoes match the style with your dress.

Set aside enough time before your wedding to find shoes that suit your needs. We are sure that you can find both beautiful and comfortable shoes and save yourself from fatigue and calluses on your wedding day. Ditch very high heels in favor of more stable, but no less graceful options. And if the wedding takes place in nature, it is better to give preference to stylish ballet flats.

3. Hairstyle

Autumn weather can surprise not only with rain, but also with wind. Therefore, it is worth giving preference to collected hair so that you do not have to correct your hairstyle many times during the evening. The hairstyle should keep its shape and volume throughout the day. But don't be upset - there are a lot of options!

These can be bunches or weaves, collected graceful curls or knots. You can add a zest to the image with accessories: first of all, turn your attention to the flowers in your hair, wreaths and individual buds - if it's not too cold outside, they will last all day. Undoubtedly, autumn accessories are veils and hats. Tiaras, combs, ethnic accessories - find exactly the jewelry that will emphasize your individuality!

4. Makeup

Autumn makeup is best done in warm peach and golden tones, in bright shades of autumn. This will allow you to look fresh and natural even in gloomy weather. Bright lips will be an excellent option - an accent that is so necessary for an autumn look.

Choose interesting shades of sangria, ripe cherry and burgundy. At the same time, do not make the eyes too dark in order to maintain the lightness of the image. For the rest, the main thing is to adhere to the basic rule - the makeup should look natural and natural.

Tears of happiness on your wedding day are great, but make sure they don't ruin your makeup. Therefore, use only proven waterproof products. If your waterproof mascara can't handle tears, take a few cotton swabs with you and apply moisturizer to them so you can quickly remove under-eye streaks.

Sure, you want to look perfect, but don't turn your face into a porcelain mask. Most wedding photos will be taken in natural light - and very heavy makeup will show. So use light BB cream instead of heavy foundation and loose powder instead of compact. Use concealer to hide minor imperfections. Naturalness is always in trend!

Even professional cosmetics cannot always guarantee perfect make-up from morning to evening: for example, waterproof products are resistant to moisture, not sebum, therefore, if the skin is oily, by the end of the day there is a high probability that the make-up will "float" ...

Therefore, do not neglect such an important part of makeup as fixation. There are now many different makeup fixer sprays that will keep it going all day, regardless of rain and tears.

5. Accents

- Hair wreaths from autumn colors of wine, purple, dark orange and yellow, and maybe even from autumn leaves and vines.

- An unusual bridal bouquet that includes autumn flowers, yellow leaves or succulents.

- Bright details of burgundy, orange, mustard colors - for example, a warm cardigan or an elegant scarf on the shoulders.

- Lace shawl or natural fur of discreet chocolate shades.

- Stylish gloves, knitted mittens or mitts for a cold November.

- Coat or jacket and hat or gloves included.