What is so special about Mundane astrology?
What is so special about Mundane astrology?
Know about the Mundane astrology is that branch of astrology that deals with the predictions of the events of the world. Also known as medhini jyotisha,

Mundane astrology is that branch of astrology that deals with the predictions of the events of the world. Also known as medhini jyotisha, this astrology examines the horoscope charts of particular nations and tells about the future of these nations. Due to this reason, it is also referred to as political astrology. 

The horoscope chart of a country is prepared on the basis of the day on which it was formed along with the details about the ruler who is currently ruling the country. An astrologer in Nagpur can tell you more about this particular type of astrology and the different ways in which the future of a country is predicted. 

How did Mundane astrology come into practice?

It is believed that Mundane astrology originated thousands of years ago. As per the Western astrologers, it was Claudius Ptolemy, a Greek astrologer who laid the foundation of this astrology. Later, valuable discoveries were made by various astrologers namely Raphael, Sepharial, Alan Leo and many more.

Vedic astrology, on the other hand, claims that it originated several lakhs years ago as traces of mundane astrology can be found in the epic text of Ramayana. A famous astrologer in Chandigarh will tell you that Brihat Samhita, written by Varahamihira has a detailed analysis of mundane astrology in it.

What do the planets represent in Mundane astrology?

Since Mundane astrology is used to predict the future of a country, the horoscope chart is prepared as per the details of the country’s formation date, etc. Therefore, the various planets in this type of astrology signify different sections of the country. Let us discuss what the planets in mundane astrology signify:

  1.  The Sun - The Sun represents the King, the ruler and therefore, stands for the people in power such as ministers, famous people, etc.

  2. The Moon - The Moon signifies the public especially the female section of society. Also, it tells about the problems of the general population such as shortage of food, water or any disease that they might have to suffer.

  3. Mercury - This planet represents the youngsters, media world and people who are a part of the teaching world. It also tells about the communication with other nations and the transportation related decisions.

  4. Venus - Venus represents the world of glamour and luxuries and deals with the art, creation and entertainment section of society. It also tells about the financial situation of the country.

  5. Mars - Mars is said to be a ferocious planet and when we connect it to the horoscope of a country it represents wars, accidents, police and military disputes, etc.

  6. Jupiter - The Jupiter signifies the behold of judiciary, courts and judges on the one hand and temples, revered representatives of religion and clergy on the other.

  7. Saturn - Saturn represents the elderly people and highlights the problems related to agriculture, democracy, mine and coal industries, etc.

The other planets and their movements are also studied to get a proper and detailed analysis of the present and future prospects of a country. Mundane astrology is a complex subject and therefore, only the astrology app can give accurate information for a nation by studying the horoscope of a country.