Myths About Dallas Personal Injury Lawyers
Myths About Dallas Personal Injury Lawyers
Legal representation in personal injury claims consistently secures much higher settlement values than when someone settles with an insurance company on their own. That does not include the percentage of the settlement that an attorney receives as a contingency fee.

Misconceptions about lawyers and the personal injury claims handle should not prevent you from seeking professional legal assistance to obtain a fair settlement for an injury.


Like many other professions, lawyers are frequently exaggerated and inaccurately portrayed in popular media. Certain common myths about Dallas personal injury lawyers and the legal process may lead an injured person to forego seeking legal representation.


Trying to handle a personal injury on your own is what the insurance company wants, and it may cost you a lower settlement. Let's look at some of the most common myths surrounding personal injury law to dispel some of them.

Myth #1: Lawyer fees will deduct the majority of your settlement.

Many believe that lawyers are expensive legal professionals who will provide legal representation for an arm and a leg.

There is a common misconception that you pay a personal injury lawyer out of pocket and that it is paid right away to keep a lawyer on your case.


Nothing could be further from the truth. Most personal injury lawyers in Dallas Texas will provide at least a free initial consultation. It allows them to determine whether or not your case is viable and to offer some legal options.


In terms of overall fees, personal injury lawyers charge a contingency fee, meaning they are only paid if the case is successful. As a result, a personal injury lawyer will work to resolve your case and will only get compensated if it is successful. If your injury claim is unsuccessful, the lawyer receives no compensation.


Their pay is also based on the money recovered from the case settlement. The rate varies by state, but the average is between 33.3 and 40% in Texas. This system ensures that lawyers work a case to the best of their abilities, not just for the client's benefit but also for their own.

Myth #2: You can resolve your injury claim.

While it is technically possible to settle a personal injury claim on your own, it is good that you do not attempt to handle legal representation on your own, regardless of the legal context. It isn't just something lawyers say to keep their jobs. 


Legal representation in personal injury claims consistently secures much higher settlement values than when someone settles with an insurance company on their own. That does not include the percentage of the settlement that an attorney receives as a contingency fee.


It is common for lawyers to encounter clients who attempt to negotiate with an insurance company on their own and quickly realize they have made a mistake. It complicates a case for a lawyer who has to deal with damage control on top of negotiating with an insurance company, which could mean fewer lawyers will take your case if you do something that reduces the value of your settlement.

Myth #3 My divorce attorney should also handle my injury claim. 

Just because someone practices law does not imply that they have handled all types of cases. A personal injury lawyer in Dallas Texas will have more insights and experience in a wide range of personal injury cases, which will increase your chances of obtaining a higher settlement.

MYTH #4: Your personal injury claim may bankrupt an individual or a business.

When you file a personal injury claim, for example, against a small store, the compensation that you seek will not come directly from the store, and the insurance company for that store will pay your settlement.


Your injury claim will not directly deduct funds from their cash register to compensate you for your injuries, and the same is true when a claim is made against someone.

MYTH #5: You can file an injury claim at any time.

You must file a personal injury claim within a time limit. Injury claims have a statute of limitations, which is a time limit on how long you have to file your personal injury claim from the date of the injury. The statute of limitations varies by state and type of lawsuit. Still, many personal injury claims in Texas have a six-year statute of limitations from the date of injury to file a personal injury claim.

MYTH #6: If the liability party is clearly at fault, you are guaranteed a settlement.

If a lawyer tells you that your settlement is guaranteed because the other party is clearly at fault, you should probably reconsider hiring them. 


A personal injury claim may appear straightforward, with plenty of evidence indicating that a defendant was negligent and caused your injuries. Still, all kinds of defenses can be used to avoid liability in an injury claim. 


Insurance companies are notorious for exploiting any loophole they can find to avoid having to make a payout. 

MYTH #7: Lawyers are only for serious injuries.

Walking away from an accident unharmed can lead us to believe that we are completely fine. For example, escaping a car accident with no injuries or lacerations may give the impression that the situation is under control. You get some reassurance that everything is fine, except for that minor stiff neck you haven't felt before.


Minor details, such as a sore muscle or stiff neck following an accident, must be reported immediately. You should have them checked to see if they could lead to something more severe in the near future. Furthermore, minor injuries can result in temporary disability, impacting your work performance.


Hiring a Dallas personal injury attorney will provide information about the types of benefits you may be eligible for from the claim. Working with a personal injury attorney will help you get what you deserve. For example, you can ask your insurance company to cover your medical expenses for physical therapy sessions or other settlements.

MYTH #8: Lawyers are complex and time-consuming.

Many personal injury cases can get settled without having to go to trial. However, you may need to collect many documents, such as medical bills, accident reports, and other essential documents. It's pretty smooth sailing from there with the help of a Dallas personal injury attorney.


It can be a tiresome experience if you don't know your way around legal procedures, especially if you can't keep up with the deadlines. You may need to take your claim to court. However, lawyers can make your job much easier. Not to mention, if necessary, they can represent you in court.

To conclude:

Personal injury attorneys are essential in personal injury lawsuits. Filing a claim is much more complicated than it appears because there are numerous factors to consider. In contrast, if you hire Dallas Personal Injury Lawyers, you won't have to worry about legal procedures and can instead focus on recovering from your injuries.


Don't be afraid to ask your potential attorneys questions that will reaffirm your ability to obtain the highest compensation. Inquire about their professional perspective on the case, and be open to what they have to say. It's OK to be picky and select an attorney whose personality and experience appeal to you.