How to File a Mutual Consent Divorce in India.
How to File a Mutual Consent Divorce in India.
Filing a Mutual Consent Divorce is easy. You need to contact a divorce lawyer in India to file a case.

A Complete Guide – To Filing Mutual Consent Divorce in India

Therefore, you can see that couples nowadays are more upfront about their divorces and call it quits naturally rather than a rouge court battle and tolerating a blame game. With mutual consent divorce, it has become easier for couples to go about their separate ways without facing any complexity. 


What is Mutual Consent Divorce?


When a couple wants to end their marriage legally, it is called a mutual consent divorce. The process of mutual consent divorce is smoother and faster compared to other kinds of divorces, and both parties (husband and wife) are on the same page. The divorce can take place within a month or two. The Hindu Marriage Act of 1955 provides both spouses with the right to opt for marriage dissolution through a divorce.


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