Time immortal les préféré – the Gold Bangles
Time immortal les préféré – the Gold Bangles
Here is a trivia fact about bangles: bangles are actually considered the first fashion accessory since Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa.

The statue "The Dancing Girl" that was excavated from the sites near the Indus river has prominent use of bangles on her hand, yet her entire body is depicted nude. So it is safe to say that even before the advent of body draping fashion items came into play, there was and is today our les préféré – the Bangles.

We Indians invest heavily in gold. We were one of the world's largest gold jewellery consumers. Even if every household in India has a wide variety of gold jewellery for various occasions, Gold Bangles are the el primero possessions of every woman in India. And as we also say," Why should we have all the fun?" there are bangles for men. But fashion-wise, they are preferably known as Kadas.


Let's ditch the knowledge trip and just dive into the endless abyss of bangles designs. Sounds fun? 

Ahoy, mates, there's no time to waste. Let's grab a seat and relish the taste. 


Sleek Bangles 

In this hectic lifestyle, it is becoming more and more challenging to accentuate our fashion sense to the fullest. Be it for the official mandate of working women or for those women who are more into pure panache yet want to be conspicuous in their surroundings. For "her", we have an exceptionally commodious bouquet of gold bangle designs which we believe will tingle your interest.

Antique bangles   

Adorning something in objet d'art is like wearing elegance. Antique design bangles are time-tested modules of that particular jewellery which is always an eye-turner. So for "Her", who loves to live a bit à la mode, this is a Gold Bangle design that will always bestow the sweep looks from her peers on any occasion. So go ahead and jazz it up with a little good old days' bling with a zesty zing.

Gemstone Bangles 

India is where we add colour to every aspect of our lives. So we, too, have our birthstones of some particular colour. Wearing that on standard terms is believed to bring good luck. So at Vaibhav Jewellers, we have assembled the best team to integrate your customised gemstone gold bangle designs that you can flaunt happily at any party or festivities. So embark on the beautiful journey of searching for your perfect soul mate for your wrists.

So, in short, we have given you the best in class seats to our top-of-the-class visualisation of the world's oldest fashion accessory carved out of gold. Vaibhav Jewellers are here to facilitate the transition of your vogue from ordinary to extraordinary. Be it offline at our stores near you or online at our site with you. We have curated such a collection of gold bangle designs for you that you will never cease to be amazed at our envisaging. Come, be part of our peregrination and lose yourself in the glittering world of Gold Bangles that you have always dreamed of emblazing your wrists.

Don't let your thirst for designer Gold Bangles go dry. Our entire amassment of gold bangles is there just for you to try.