The most promising jewelry sale in 2022 is selling by the kilo!
The most promising jewelry sale in 2022 is selling by the kilo!
This article will provide you with a detailed description of what selling jewelry by the kilo is.

-What is the wholesale jewelry model?

In recent years, many offline brick-and-mortar jewelry stores have seen their sales shrink under the influence of covid. At the same time, the prices of offline brick-and-mortar stores continue to climb, and consumers are gradually reluctant to make offline purchases in the face of rising jewelry prices. Instead, online jewelry sales by the kilo are colloquially the same as if you were picking up an item on the Internet, just as if you had bought it through an Amazon store. Buying jewelry online follows the same logic and is done by the kilo, just like buying jewelry at wholesale jewelry prices.


-Why is selling jewelry by the kilo more affordable?

Wholesale jewelry is different from retail jewelry sales in that the former uses a low-margin marketing strategy that not only satisfies the demand for jewelry from a large number of consumers, but also gives the best prices.

Despite the lower single profit, the volume of sales climbs quickly.


-Who are the beneficiaries of wholesale jewelry becoming so hot?

First, the most direct beneficiary is definitely the consumer

As people use the Internet more and more frequently, various novelty products have come to consumers' attention. Influenced by the promotion of the Internet, the exposure of jewelry has also been enhanced, and people's love and pursuit of jewelry has been increasingly developed. Wholesale Jewelry not only represents the level of personal aesthetics, but also highlights the personality and style of an individual. People of all ages have different preferences for jewelry, and wholesale jewelry is sold by the kilo, so you can enjoy huge discounts by stacking different categories of jewelry together. Why not take advantage of such an attractive discount opportunity? Sign up for Wholesales jewelry and enjoy discounts on a first-come, first-served basis! Make you the next fashionista.

Second, jewelers benefit as well

By selling jewelry by the kilo sales model, merchants can sweep away the middlemen who earn the difference in price. Secondly, online quality shopping allows the jewelry you want to be delivered safely to your address via global courier, and the merchant bears the cost of shipping at a large discount for high volume.


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