Reason for being Diamonds So Expensive?
Reason for being Diamonds So Expensive?
Diamonds are probably the most commonly used jewel in jewelry. Diamonds are the most expensive gemstone available.

Diamonds are probably the most commonly used jewel in jewelry. Diamonds are the most expensive gemstone available. There are significantly less costly gems that appear remarkably like diamonds, light up as brightly as diamonds, and are shaped similarly to diamonds, and yet are managed to sell at much cheaper rates. You may be curious why diamonds are costly compared to other precious stones. You aren't the only one. Whereas many people criticize the steep price of diamonds on the law of supply and demand, this is not the entire story, and it didn't satisfy us. So we dug a little deeper to find out what was going on.

We describe why diamonds are so highly priced in this section, but we do not hold back here. We also provide a way to avoid this difficult-to-afford spending. Diamonds are and will continue to be incomparable if you're looking for a wedding band or a special gift.

We investigate the myths underlying diamonds and their prices to determine what makes them so valuable.

  1. Diamonds are costly due to they are rare.

Diamonds are not extremely rare. They are among the most common valuable gem found when people compare them to other stones. Diamond rarity is unwavering by the scarcity of good, precious stones. The larger, clearer, and with the least quantity of color = rare. In simple words, fine diamonds are rare to find, which makes them more expensive. The large percentage of diamonds extracted is an unappealing color that they possess no chance of adorning your palm. These are mentioned as "industrial grade" because they are typically ground into crystals and used in instruments and manufacturing.

  1. Labor

Labor seems to be another factor that adds to the cost of a diamond. Labor is a massive cost in any industry. Mine owners, logistics companies, gem dealers, appraisers, designers, and gemologists are all examples of labor in the typical diamond industry.

  1. Cut

When making comparisons of the costs of individual fine diamonds, gemstone cut represents one of the most significant aspects. Specific cuts, such as the round brilliant cut, waste a lot of raw diamonds, whereas others, like the princess cut, use almost all of the raw gemstone. This implies that a sizeable classic diamond is required to create a round brilliant cut diamond with the same carat weight as a princess cut diamond.

  1. Durability

A diamond is rated as 10 on One the Mohs scale of relative hardness, which is used to assess a gemstone's toughness and durability. This high score signifies that gemstone is one of the world's toughest metals. A diamond's outer layer is practically impossible to scrape and even more difficult to crack or break.


If you probably don't know, you now understand what factors lead to the high diamond price. For generations, buyers have tried to swallow the costly pill once buying diamonds since there appeared to be no other option. Until now, that is. Diamonds grown in laboratories are chemically similar to natural diamonds but end up paying up to 75% less. Moissanite and lab-grown diamonds are two examples of diamond alternatives. These are less expensive options. However, you may be discouraged from purchasing anything that is not earth-mined because you believe it is not genuine.

In conclusion

So that's all you need to know about diamonds, why they're among the most highly-priced precious gems in the entire globe, and how you should value them. With all of the extra info, you can still make a more informed decision the next time you're out there purchasing a jewel online for you or your customers. Take into account your budget and preferences; you can quickly choose the best fit for you.

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