How to Find the Perfect Valentine’s Day Jewelry for Your Loved One
How to Find the Perfect Valentine’s Day Jewelry for Your Loved One
Gifting fine jewelry this Valentine’s Day may feel overwhelming at first, but with some preparation and planning, you can easily find a forever-lasting piece of jewelry that shows how much you care. Whether it’s a classic round halo engagement ring or diamond pendant you’re looking for this Valentine’s Day, pick the fine jewelry that will dazzle the person you love.

Finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gift can feel overwhelming. You want your loved one to feel noticed and appreciated, but sometimes roses don’t properly symbolize how much you care for your special person. Gifting fine jewelry is a sign of commitment, and Valentine’s Day is the ideal time of year to express your forever-lasting love to another person. Whatever you’re planning for Valentine’s Day this year, a high-quality piece of jewelry is timeless and never a bad gift to show how much you love and care for your partner.

Pick Jewelry to Match Your Partner’s Style

The first step to picking out fine jewelry that your partner will love is observing their style and figuring out what type of jewelry will pair best with that style. If they have a minimalist style, picking out a simple and delicate diamond pendant necklace might be a good fit. If your partner has a more extravagant style, a bold pendant necklace might match their taste better. It never hurts to look at the jewelry they already have in their collection to get a better idea of their taste.

Choose Quality Over Quantity

You really do get what you pay for when it comes to jewelry. Cheap jewelry can look trendy but sometimes can cause skin irritation, skin tinting, and allergic reactions in extreme cases. Plus, it simply won’t stand the test of time. Stick to high-quality fine jewelry for a gift that will flatter and last. Look for classic and delicate designs that master artisans handcraft to show your loved one the thought and appreciation that went into their gift. You want your partner to get the most out of your gift to them and be able to wear it as often as possible. By choosing high-quality pieces made with ethically sourced diamonds and precious metals, you’re giving them a gift that is forever-lasting and beautiful.

Find the Ring for a Valentine’s Day Proposal

If you’ve been thinking about popping the question to your special person, Valentine’s Day is one of the most romantic times to do it. With a romantic Valentine’s Day proposal, you want to pick a dazzling engagement ring that reflects your love and your to-be fiancée’s style. Whether you choose a timeless solitaire engagement ring or a classic round halo engagement ring, it is important to get the size of the ring correct. Measure one of their existing rings, ask their friends to ask your partner about rings and sizes casually, or you can simply ask them yourself if the surprise factor isn’t essential. Some of the best brands even offer a try-at-home program so they can experience a replica firsthand. Happy Valentine’s Day!

About Verlas

Verlas is a direct-to-consumer brand founded by female industry experts Nidhi S. Dangayach and Nityani Riziya, and they’re changing the way people view and buy fine jewelry. The RJC certified Verlas Studios have a team led by female Master Artisans working within an environment that follows international labor laws. They handcraft each piece using ethically sourced diamonds and raw materials to provide quality high-end jewelry with sustainability as a top priority. Whether you’re picking out a pair of small hoop earrings or thinking of popping the question with a classic round halo engagement ring, you can trust Verlas to provide you with forever-lasting fine jewelry. You can see every detail online with the brand’s 3D Every-Angle-View and use Verlas’s Try-at-Home program to test out replicas of your favorite pieces from the comfort of your home.

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