Concept Maps
Concept Maps
Concept Maps

Concept Maps

Nursing education uses concept maps as a teaching method.

It has seen an increase in popularity since the 2000s. (1,4) It was discovered

Check out the concept map teaching method in nursing

Education had positive effects, such as students' critical thinking.

Thinking skills ((5) academic success,(7) nursing competence

Skills, knowledge, and comprehension levels ((7) student

Satisfaction(9) and Cognitive Learning Levels. (10,11). This review

This section focuses on general information about concept maps and types of how to do a concept map for nursing, and how to used in nursing education and concept mapping

Formation process and importance of concept maps

in nursing education.

Novak and Gowin from Cornell created concept maps

Ausubel's Theory of Assimilation is a foundation for university

The 1970's. The concept of "meaningful learning"

Instead of using memoration-based learning to teach concepts,

This is where principles and thoughts are viewed as the goal.

Theory and meaningful learning were explained through grounding

Three basic principles: (12,13)

* Progressive Differentiation is the new association

Knowledge can be divided into more general concepts and those with less.

The following provides coverage and organization of the concepts.

Hierarchical approach

* Classication: This is the creation of new meanings for learners

Safely add the new knowledge to the existing knowledge

Within the cognitive structure.

* Complementary reconciliation: It is the identication and reconciliation of

There are similarities and differences between the previous and new versions.


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