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The 5 Best Ways to Buy Diamond Rings Online

Tips for how to search for an authentic diamond and the process of buying diamond rings online

Before purchasing a diamond ring, there is no room for compromise. However, there are a few measures you may take to ensure that the diamond you're going to purchase is authentic. Here are five quick and easy ways to identify if a diamond is real or fake.

Water Test:

Use this simple method to verify the authenticity of a diamond. Add 3/4 of the water to a standard-sized drinking glass. Drop the stone into the glass with care. A real diamond will rest at the base of the container. A fake is one that floats on top or beneath the surface of the water. 

Fog Test: 

In order to do the fog test, place the diamond or ring between your fingers and blow on your breath. This contains heat and moisture, which causes a light fog to form on the diamond. The diamond is real if the mist clears up immediately after being exposed to it. If, after a few seconds, the fog doesn't clear out, it's probably a false diamond.

UV Light Test

The majority of diamonds have blue light, but not every one of them. Some diamonds do not show any radiance under UV light. So, even if it doesn't shine, the results don't necessarily prove that the diamond is a fake.


It will never be a question for you whether or not to use our diamond education or diamond professionals when making a purchase of a diamond. There is no need to worry about the authenticity of your diamond because it will come with a certificate from either the GIA or AGS (The American Gem Society).