Why work with a Google Workspace Partner?
Why work with a Google Workspace Partner?
Moving to the cloud is a technology and cultural change. Find out how Google Workspace Partner(G Suite Partner) NowDigitalEasy can help with your cloud journey.

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You have considered all the advantages of moving to the cloud with Google Workspace (Previously G Suite), and you’re ready to take the plunge. It’s time to pick a partner, buy some Google Workspace licenses, and set up some user accounts for your workforce. 

Except it’s not that simple.  Moving to the cloud is more than a technology refresh. It’s a cultural change from the old world of personal productivity tools to a new ecosystem of integrated team productivity tools that help your employees work together more effectively, wherever they are, whenever they want.

Working with a G Suite Partner like NowDigitalEasy will ease you through the initial setup, migration and customisation. That means you can hit the ground running and start using these new, social tools to deliver business transformation.

As well as offering our own expertise in deploying and supporting Google Workspace with Google Certified Deployment Specialists giving you the confidence we really do understand Google’s solutions,  we have close relationships with the technology experts at Google.

This means you can get your questions answered and your issues resolved quickly, without being bounced around a faceless vendor support department where you never speak to the same person twice. Through partners, you can also get more closely involved with Google’s customer activities, giving you a chance to learn more about Google’s solutions and influence the direction Google takes.

A Google Workspace Partner, here’s what we can help you with.


Deployment including creating a custom migration strategy that includes change management to help you develop a new company culture, user training and go-live support, as well as activation.

Data migration

Data migration to iron out all the wrinkles that can crop up when moving email archives and files from your legacy systems.

Ongoing support

Ongoing support that expands on the basic service from Google to provide fast answers and proactive assistance for any issues and questions you have once you’ve gone live.

Once Google Workspace is in place, a Google Cloud Partner like NowDigitalEasy can help you get the most out of your investment as you move forward with digital transformation. It can also ensure you continue to provide a great ongoing user experience for your employees. You can benefit from a range of services such as:

User enablement

User enablement, taking your workforce beyond the initial Google Workspace training they received during deployment, to allow them to continue learning. Scheduled face-to-face and virtual classroom training can help new joiners and existing employees master the various tools in Google Workspace. Meanwhile, e-learning resources help them learn in their own time through help pages, interactive demonstrations, tips and shortcuts.

Digital transformation workshops

Digital transformation workshops that help your business move forward quickly on your journey to digital maturity. Our workshops help you achieve both quick wins and a deeper understanding of how to bring together People, Process and Technology to transition into an organisation that is agile, efficient and innovative.

Customer Success Services

Customer success services that help you get the most out of the wider Google Cloud Ecosystem, including business and roadmap sessions that help you understand how you can enhance your initial Google Workspace implementation, as well as hints and tips to become more productive and innovative with the tools you already have.

In short, working with a Google Workspace Partner like NowDigitalEasy will not only help you roll out Google Workspace but also put you on the path to creating long-term, sustainable business success.

How to increase your profitability by reselling Google Workspace

Google relies on partners to market and sell Google Workspace apps. However, Google doesn’t mess around with its partner program—you need to put in hard work and comply with a variety of requirements to maintain your partner status.

For starters, if you want to resell Google Cloud products, at the very minimum your business needs at least four distinct credentials and an annual business plan approved by Google. Higher partner tiers have minimum billing requirements tacked on, as well as additional credentials and certifications.

From a business standpoint, these are all reasonable requirements. But there are definitely easier and faster ways to offer Google Workspace to your customers.

Why you should resell Google Workspace

It makes sense to resell Google Workspace if you want to get the most out of your cloud business. Benefits of reselling include:

  • Additional recurring revenue streams for your reseller business
  • Delivering value-added cloud services for your partners, offering them much more than just a Google Workspace subscription
  • Flexibility to scale your business
  • Ability to meet changing customer needs

Another angle to consider: becoming a Google Workspace reseller is a brilliant idea because you get to leverage Google’s brand authority, which is undoubtedly one of the world’s most valuable.

Brands like Google don’t simply change with time—they evolve. Once you join Google’s reseller program—whether directly or via a third-party partner—you get to place a Google logo beside your services, boosting your credibility and creating opportunities to build trust with customers.

Why your clients will love Google Workspace

Instead of rolling out Google Workspace on their own, users can enjoy the ease of working with a reseller who handles the whole process for them. Your customers will have their Google Workspace migration handled by an expert, and can also access training for users who are unfamiliar with Google’s stack of tools.

There’s obviously a learning curve here. You need to listen to your customers’ needs and do your best to manage their expectations. The service and support you offer them can strengthen relationships and keep clients loyal to your brand, making it imperative to ensure that your offering stays in alignment with their individual requirements.

In a nutshell: reselling Google Workspace is a win-win proposition

Google needs seasoned resellers to sustain its market penetration, while IT providers need exposure, stable revenue and strong relationships with customers to grow their businesses. Think about it this way: if you sell Google Cloud products to your customers, someone else will.

However, finding success in an increasingly crowded and competitive market requires skill and expertise. This is where leveraging a value-added cloud solutions provider to become an indirect Google reseller comes in handy.

Why reselling Google Workspace with NowDigitalEasy is a great option

As a proud Google Partner and award-winning cloud provider, NowDigitalEasy is your one-stop-shop for a full range of IT solutions and services.

We make reselling Google Workspace as easy as possible for you! By switching your Google Workspace licenses to NowDigitalEasy, you can reduce time and money spent trying to comply with Google’s many requirements requirements. You won’t need to train your staff to get additional certifications, or chase new customers in order to secure enough licenses to meet a quota. Instead, you’ll be able to focus on your core business while Sherweb handles the gritty details.

Additional benefits of reselling Google Workspace with NowDigitalEasy include simplified billing, dedicated support and access to our team of cloud experts, among others.

Migration you can trust

NowDigitalEasy has successfully migrated more than 50,000 organizations! Our expert team walks you through the process with no downtime, data loss or extra costs, ensuring as limited impact on your customers as possible.

Outstanding support

Reselling with NowDigitalEasy means you get dedicated support for all your needs, which is more than what Google offers. You’ll have access to an entire team of experts who will help you with every step of your projects—from building a business strategy to developing a solid marketing campaign to handling clients’ data migration.

When you offer your clients a higher level of service and support, you can solidify your relationship with them and build trust in your brand. You can then leverage this relationship to promote and sell other services.

No minimum seat requirements

NowDigitalEasy partners aren’t required to generate a certain amount of revenue or sell a minimum number of licenses. Simply set up your services and start selling!

Simple licensing and billing

Stay in control of your customers with our one-stop-shop partner portal. Manage your customers, licenses, agreements and product offerings all from one central location. We handle redundant admin tasks like billing, provisioning and activations, freeing up more time for you to focus to growing your business.

Access to an extensive partner network

On top of tools, expertise and resources to help you take your business to the next level, NowDigitalEasy’s partner program also provides access to an extended network of thousands of other IT professionals that can help with custom projects, consulting and more.

FAQs about reselling Google Workspace

What apps are included in Google Workspace?

  • Gmail: Customizable email and 30 GB of storage for each account.
  • Google Calendar: Organize schedules, view others’ calendars, set up meetings, send invitations, and publish shared calendars.
  • Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms and more: Create documents, spreadsheets, slideshows, or high-quality illustrations. Users can collaborate on these online and in real time.
  • Google Drive: Secure cloud-based storage for any business.
  • Google Meet: Video conferencing and collaboration for up to 100 participants.

How secure are my data and communications with Google Workspace?

Google has ensured that Google Workspace meets the strictest security measures to protect your data.