Know the 7 main types of website and which one is best for your business?
Know the 7 main types of website and which one is best for your business?
The commercial world is digital. The digital market is updated at a very fast pace and there is no doubt that it is increasingly competitive.

The commercial world is digital. The digital market is updated at a very fast pace and there is no doubt that it is increasingly competitive. Currently, the development of a website is essential to establish a digital presence, and it is necessary to specialize in a niche to obtain the greatest possible reach and increase your business possibilities. That's why it's important to know the different types of website.

There are several types of website, with different purposes, whose objective is to meet the particular needs of a particular segment. In view of this, you need to choose what best meets your expectations to increase visibility and generate more business.

Therefore, you will now learn what are the purposes and resources of each of them to make the best choice. Discover the 7 main types of website and enjoy reading!

1. Institutional website

It is essential for any company. No business can do without having it, so much so that we have already written an article about it. It is perfect for the company that already has a defined audience or that is already aware of the products and services that the brand offers. It works like an online business card and may have little effect on visitors who are unfamiliar with the business.

In general, this website category contains more descriptive sections about the company, products and services. As they are limited in terms of Digital Marketing Consulting, new strategies have been used to enhance the institutional site .

One of the options is the creation of a  blog , within the Content Marketing strategies, in order to offer something useful to the navigator without necessarily talking about the product or service itself. Even if you are reading this article you know exactly what it is, this is a blog from an institutional website.

Suppose you own a law firm and start providing information about laws and processes in plain language. Therefore, the tactic aims to arouse the visitor's interest in the content, forming a potential customer, known as a lead.

As leads are nurtured, they drive the purchase journey forward, which boosts the organization's profitability.

2. Dynamic website

The dynamic site is what combines different sections, whether institutional or blogs on the same site. In this way, the content is exchanged and expands over time.

This type contributes a lot to more effective digital marketing actions, as it is not limited to talking only about its products.

In it, it is possible to add a virtual diary that offers tips and relevant information to acquire customers through content that arouse interest.

The dynamic site is used by companies of different sizes, as it brings excellent results both for those who invest more and for those who work with limited funds. Thus, the dynamic website is a great idea to improve your reach on the internet.

3. Online store

The virtual store is defined by the direct sale of products and services to the customer through online means, being a good option for clothing stores, accessories and even delivery services and other various sales formats.

However, for it to work, it is necessary to develop a responsive website  that is always up to date, with products available for sale, as well as proper pricing.

Here, customer experience is the central issue, the purpose is to generate interest in purchasing the product. The cleaner sites, whose finalization is to buy, usually have an advantage over the others.

4. One-page website

This type of website has the great advantage of being highly Website Design Company. This is because, by summarizing all the content on just one page subdivided into sections open on the home page itself, they are more suitable for companies with a young audience, familiar with the type of language and used to the speed of digital vehicles.

This is the case of many universities, schools and marketing companies that opt ​​for the resource, not only for the profile of their audience, but also for the possibility of providing quick information.

5. Portal

Portals are among the more complete site types than the dynamic templates mentioned above. Note that you must have already entered sites that concentrate a huge amount of information and content because they contain the news, weather, fashion, cuisine and other diverse subjects in the same structure.

The focus is the fact that these portals are aimed at companies that deal with data and news and, therefore, need a greater number of navigators every day for their business to work.

Managing a page full of information is not easy, with outsourcing management being a fundamental part of its structure. Because of this, most portals partner with external contributors who produce news to keep themselves constantly updated.

6. Website

Hotsites are occasional sites created to reinforce some type of advertising campaign. They can be about a new product or something seasonal your company will be releasing.

For example, fast-food chains often use this feature when launching different combos. It is also extremely common in the automotive sector in the case of a new car launch. Everything will depend on how the business works and how important your marketing actions are.

7. Landing Page

The landing page focuses on producing single-page content to present services, products, lead generation and sales.

More specific campaigns are publicized on social networks, through sponsored links and other means and serve to redirect visitors to these pages, which allows companies to have a more detailed view of their conversions.

Once you understand how each type of site works, it is necessary to consider all the topics mentioned above, one by one, no matter what your segment is or what model you intend to invest in.

Throughout this article about the types of website and which is the best for your business, it is possible to acquire knowledge to start your digital marketing strategy and, consequently, leverage the business, either with a specific model or a combination of them. . Always invest in the success of your company!

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