Free G Suite Will Discontinue From May 1st, 2022
Free G Suite Will Discontinue From May 1st, 2022
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This month, Google began terminating free Google workspace accounts that were part of the g suite legacy free edition. Google has altered its support page in response to user feedback, claiming that it now seeks to provide more options to existing customers.

The current Google workspace is a big cry from the previous iteration. Google’s productivity subscription service is currently only available to businesses. The company’s software-as-a-service programs include Business beginner, Business standard, and Business plus. Each user pays between R5.125 and Rs.1200 per month.

Google provides the option of creating a client domain name for your surname that may be used for email addresses ( The program, formerly known as Google Apps for your Domain, was first given for free and was not particularly geared at corporate clients. Google terminated the free tier in 2012.

Google is under no obligation to continue providing a free service permanently. The Business, on the other hand, had not expected such a strong response from tech-savvy Google users who had been using G Suite legacy accounts for nearly a decade. Instead of forcing consumers to pay or shutting down their outdated G Suite accounts, Google will offer a third option. The company added a line to the help website that functions as a sort of announcement page.

In the coming months, we’ll provide a free alternative for you to move your non-Google workplace paid content and most of your data. Premium features like personalized email and multi-account management will not be available with this new option. Before your account is suspended on July 1st, 2022, you’ll have time to think about it. More material will be added to this article in the coming months.

The disadvantages of Google’s move, as well as who will be affected:

The fact that old G Suite free accounts are used as Google accounts across the entire Google ecosystem is a major concern. Customers with G Suite heritage free accounts have been using their accounts for YouTube, Google Maps, Google Play purchases, Google Drive, emails, Calendar events, and contacts, in addition to emails, Calendar events, and contacts. Because Google accounts are typically more than just email Inboxes, telling customers that they could either terminate their accounts or start paying wasn’t fair. Admins looked to be being forced to relocate by Google.

Worse, moving your G Suite legacy free account to a Google consumer account will result in the loss of your unique domain-based email address. You’d have to find a new email provider or change your email address.

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There are advantages,

Administrative Control:

With a G suite plan, you’ll have administrative control over all the email accounts you create; in other words, you’ll be able to create individual Gmail addresses for different members of your team while maintaining complete control over how those addresses are used. While your team members will be able to send and receive emails as usual, you will be able to create, modify, and delete accounts as needed. You’ll be able to reset passwords and handle other issues from a high level.

Buy Domain names that can be customized:

If you utilize G Suite, you’ll be able to create your own domain and use it for your Gmail accounts. You can create addresses while still using Gmail as your primary email client.


You’ll receive 30 GB of cloud storage per user with the G Suite starting package. The business and enterprise subscriptions give you unlimited cloud storage per user if you have 5 or more users. At these tires, you’ll get 1TB of cloud storage per user if you have less than 5 users.

Access to other Apps and services:

With the G Suite starter package, you’ll get 30 GB of cloud storage per user. The business and enterprise subscriptions give you unlimited cloud storage per user if you have 5 or more users. If you have fewer than 5 users, you’ll get 1TB of cloud storage per user at these rates.

Accessibility for a Group:

Users in the same G Suite group can share their content quickly and easily without having to share each document individually with other users. Any papers generated by individual users within their accounts will be accessible to and owned by administrative users.

Customer support from Google and as well from NowDigitalEasy:

With G Suite, you’ll have phone and email support available 24/7. If you’re having trouble accessing tools you need, require help migrating old data, or are having technical difficulties, someone will be available to help you straight away.