What Is Wastewater Treatment Process & Stages?| Choice Water Solutions
What Is Wastewater Treatment Process & Stages?| Choice Water Solutions
Water treatment tends to present a sustainable long-term and short-term solution to the scarcity of water. Wastewater generally refers to the water which has become too polluted and thereby making it unsuitable for future use.

The Stages of Wastewater Treatment Process


After that, the Wastewater Operator that is settled is transferred to aeration tanks were blowing of the air is done into the water. The main objective of this step is to promote the growth of microorganisms by providing them with oxygen. These particular microorganisms play a very important role in the purification of wastewater as they consume the organic pollutants that are present in it.



After that, this mixture of microorganisms and wastewater is taken to a secondary sedimentation tank for further treatment. At the secondary sedimentation tank, the biomass settles down to the tank bottom. It is the place where it is concentrated as sludge.

The clarified wastewater is then subsequently passed into a tank, and it is the place, where the tertiary treatment is carried out. At this particular stage, chlorine is utilized which aids in the removal of any biological pathogens that may be present in the water. In some cases, this treatment is repeated more than once. Once all the processes are done, what you will get is fresh and pure water.