What is Scalping Trading
What is Scalping Trading
Scalp Trading is the shortest type of trading strategy in stock market. At and same time it is very risky too. In scalping, Trader perform multiple trade in single day.

What is Scalp Trading

Among different types of stock market trading styles, Scalping is a very aggressive and shorter time frame related trading in the stock market. Scalpers are traders that enter the market and exit the market quickly in order to capture very small profits leveraging them with large quantities and large number of trades over the course of a trading day. Their goal is to capture the small movements in a range bound market.

In this type of trading, traders look for both buying and short selling opportunities. The main focus is to search out highly liquid securities that ensure frequent trading price fluctuations throughout the day. Also, if the securities aren’t liquified, you won’t be able to scalp. At the time of entering or exiting the market, liquidity also provides the best price possible.

Scalpers are of the opinion that making nitty-gritty deals is easier and reduce the high risk that would occur due to volatility. Scalp trading is on the other end of the scale, as in other styles traders and investors hold their positions overnight, or even for weeks or months, waiting and looking for a huge profit size to appear. and learn how to perform scalping trading

Both scalping and swing trading are types of short-term trading but there is a minor difference between them.

In Scalping trading traders make a number of trades every day in which positions are held very briefly, each trade takes at least a few seconds or minutes to obtain profits from price fluctuations. In this style of trading, a high level of proficiency and speed is required, you must be an active trader who can observe the markets throughout the trades.

In Swing Trading, traders use technical analysis and charts to follow and generate profit from longer duration trends in stocks like daily, weekly, monthly charts. Traders hold their position for more than a day till the market achieves their desired level of profit rather than making multiple trades. It is clear from the difference that Swing traders make fewer trades than scalping traders but no doubt swing traders usually get a maximum profit margin as they enjoy the trend.

Traders who follow an immediate exit strategy can obtain a large number of benefits

Scalpers do not take help of the basic fundamentals as they deal only for a short period of time

The low risk involved throughout the trade if proper stoplosses are placed.

Scalpers can take advantage of small changes in a stock's price that may not definitely consider the overall trend of the commodity's price for the day rather than capture small fluctuations.

What are the disadvantages of Scalping Trading?

In scalping trading, you need a quite large amount of funds to trade and earn profit from multiple small trades but it depends on trader-to-trader which strategy they use and how many deals they cracked at the end of the day. Number of deals is directly proportional to the profit, the maximum deals you make, the maximum profit you get, but only if you are highly experienced and proficient in shorter time frames.

As there is low-risk probability, but it is very important to have the proper insights of the entry and exit strategies so you can prevent yourself from loss.

Some of the brokers won’t allow you to do scalping trading but others allow it with various facilities and give you a better environment for performing scalping. Before selecting any brokers it is imperative to check out the below-mentioned details:

Most of the people considered that scalping trading is illegal in the stock market but it is not illegal. It's up to the broker mindset because it requires a high volume of trades instantly.

Due to this regard, a lot of pressure has been placed on broker systems, so some of the brokers won’t permit scalping trading. Though, it is safe and legal in the stock market.

Scalping trading is a very short-term trading and preferred to only those who have good experience in trading because it primarily works on technical analysis. It needs high dedication, a sharp mind, and careful entry & exit strategies to execute multiple deals in a day and earn maximum profits from them. In this trading, you need to take on spot decision and if you need much time to search out the right asset then earning profits in scalping trading is quite difficult for you. But if you know the right strategies and have skills then no doubt you can perform better while trading in this style.

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