All You need to know about Australian PR Process for Indians
All You need to know about Australian PR Process for Indians
Australia has consistently had strong levels of immigration despite the virus because of the extensive long-term facilities and incentives that the country offers for a seamless transition for persons who want to relocate to Australia via the path of Australia skilled migration.

All You need to know about Australian PR Process for Indians

Australia has consistently had strong levels of immigration despite the virus because of the extensive long-term facilities and incentives that the country offers for a seamless transition for persons who want to relocate to Australia via the path of Australia skilled migration.

You can apply for citizenship through permanent residency in terms of Australian immigration, which makes it much simpler to able to enjoy full rights and facilities anywhere in Australia, in addition to being exposed to some of the most excellent weather throughout the year.

One particularly strong argument is the country's steadily growing economic independence and progress, which together create an ideal environment for career prospects. By submitting an application for the Australia visa that is most suitable for you, you can endlessly explore this potential.                             FREE AUSTRALIA IMMIGRATION ASSESSMENT FORM

One extremely helpful way to do this is to stay current with the Australian SOL list, also known as the skilled employment list. The most in-demand jobs are those with the most unfilled opportunities since there aren't enough qualified locals to fill them.

Speaking of immigration, there is excellent news because it has resulted in an increase of 1% in annual economic growth in Australia. In contrast to the expense in services, billions have been given in the form of tax income as a result of this, according to a Treasury and Home Affairs Department investigation of immigration policy.

These avenues draw the most immigrants each year because of the sophisticated point system utilized by visas like the Subclass 189 Australia visa, which chooses talented workers based on their scores. These evaluations are largely based on an individual's age, employment history, linguistic aptitude, educational background, and capacity for adaptation.

The Talented Nominated Visa, or Subclass 190, is a point-tested visa that is available to skilled professionals who have been nominated by an Australian state or territory agency. The state or territory will nominate you if you want to relocate to Australia using this technique based on whether your desired profession is listed on the relevant list of skilled occupations of the nominating province and satisfies their local labour standards.

How may Indians obtain PR in Australia?

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Important Australia PR Visa Requirements:

  • Academic credentials
  • Language proficiency in English
  • Work-related certificates
  • Travel paperwork (permission from authorities, passport, etc)

If an Indian citizen achieves all the eligibility standards, including being a skilled worker and a business professional, and receives a total score of 60 points, they are qualified to apply for any PR visa category.

Categories of PR Visas for Indians

The Australian government currently gives Indians 30+ visa types to apply for a PR visa. These categories are specifically created for certain candidates. An Indian citizen may apply for any of the following categories for quicker approval depending on the requirements:

Skilled Occupation List Australia 2022-23 - Find your NOC

Are Indians receiving PR from Australia?

Yes, Australia does offer PR to Indians. For many years, Indians have been flocking to Australia in search of high-quality living overseas. Due to a variety of factors, including the abundance of work opportunities, higher income, multicultural environment, nice climate, top-notch educational system, and outstanding career prospects, Australia continues to be the most popular destination for immigrants.



More than over 7.6 million immigrants were residing in Australia as of June 30, 2020, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. This represented 29.8% of those who were foreign-born. India ranks second behind England as a source of immigration to Australia. Australia is home to 721,000 Indians at the moment. China comes in third. Given these staggering figures, it is not surprising that Australia is a fantastic location where Indians prefer to settle.

Note: Australia PR Visa Cost


Number of applicants Fee in AUD
Single applicant AUD $ 4045
Additional adult AUD $ 2020
Each additional child AUD $ 1015
Skill Assessment Fees. AUD $ 500 - $ 900
Others Fee
IELTS Charge 15000 INR
Medical Examination fees 5000 INR approx
Police clearance 1000 - 5000 INR

How long does it take for Indian citizens to obtain Australian PR?

The most popular visa subclasses' current processing times are listed below. To stay informed on the current and ongoing processing periods for your Australian visa, you should speak with a renowned immigration consultant on a frequent basis. This is because these times are subject to change.

Note: Australia PR Visa Processing Time


Type of Visa Processing time
Australia Skilled independent visa subclass 189 11- 13 months
Australian State sponsor visa subclass 190 9- 14 months
Australia Regional sponsor visa subclass 491 10 – 11 months

You would need to submit an application that is fully completed to aid in application processing. You may ensure that you include and, consequently, submit all essential papers with your application by using the checklist supplied by the documentation team of Immigration Experts.

1. Subclass 189 visa processing time for Australia

The Subclass 189 Visa takes around 8 to 9 months to process.

Direct permanent residence permits for the Skilled Independent (Subclass 189) Visa, one of the most well-known points-tested visas, can take up to 8 months to be issued once the candidate has submitted a complete application.

Important Update: The programs for skilled and business migration for 2022–23 are now open.

You should anticipate a case officer from the Australian Immigration Department contacting you during this time with a number of questions. This could happen at roughly 5.5 months since they might need extra documentation to prove your educational background or past or present employment. Your application will be put on hold after the case officer contacts you until you submit all the necessary paperwork. Your application is seen as having been submitted again once the supporting documents have been uploaded, thus it may take an extra 45 to 60 days before you are granted a Subclass 189 visa.

After 4.5 months after submitting your application for a Skilled Independent (Subclass 189) Visa, if a Case Officer doesn't get in touch with you, you can anticipate receiving the visa grant.

1. Subclass 190 visa processing time for Australia

Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190) processing typically takes between 6.5 and 8 months.

The Case Officer may get in touch with you to ask for documentation of the paperwork that has already been filed within the first three months of paying the fee for your Skill Based Subclass 190 Visa. Anytime throughout this period, you can expect this request.

However, if all of your documentation is complete and satisfactory, you may potentially be granted a Subclass 190 visa directly after the 6.5-month period following the submission of your application.

Australia PR Points Calculator (2022) - 189, 190 Subclass

If a Case Officer gets in touch with you, your application won't move forward while they wait for you to take the necessary measures. When the needed documents are uploaded, your application is regarded as having been resubmitted. In that instance, you can obtain a Subclass 190 visa grant in 45 to 60 days.

1. Subclass 489/491 visa processing time for Australia

A Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) Subclass 491 visa typically takes 12 to 14 months to process.

Invitation Period for Australia's Permanent Resident (PR) Visa

When you receive an invitation to submit an application for an Australian Permanent Resident (PR) visa will be directly influenced by your ANZSCO job code and the total number of points you have accrued under the Australian immigration points system for the Skilled Visa Class.

Candidates with 65 or more points have a decent chance of receiving an application invitation (ITA). Therefore, in this scenario, individuals who have more than 70 points have a fair chance of getting invited, although the odds fluctuate every month or with each fresh draw that takes place on the eleventh day.

An invitation to apply (ITA) can be received in as little as one month, but it may take longer for particular professions. Remember that the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) will request you to submit a Skill Select Expression of Interest (EOI) once you have paid the required processing fees and the processing time for an Australian PR application has begun.

For instance, if you are a Software Engineer (Occupation Code: 261313) with a total score of 75 points, it is advised to wait longer than 8 months to receive a permanent residence invitation from the Australian Government under Subclass 189 Visa. It will take an additional 8 to 9 months after you accept the invitation for the Australian government to grant you a permanent visa.

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