Rental Car Services in Dubai
Rental Car Services in Dubai
Dubai invades millions of foreigners and is one of the favorite destinations for travelers during winter. The country’s major cash flow is from tourism.

From premium luxury car rentals to exotic ones, from compact sedans and SUVs to head-turning bold sports vehicles, Formula Drive Rent A Car Dubai is the top choice as with the most diverse carpool we guarantee that we have a car suited to your requirements!


Rent a Car Dubai Starting from 100 AED/day 

Dubai invades millions of foreigners and is one of the favorite destinations for travelers during winter. The country’s major cash flow is from tourism. 

Our rental cars in Dubai are always the perfect fit for you. For your personal or business needs, car rental Dubai and leasing are now easier than ever. In the UAE, we are your trustable car rental agency for any type or brand – with or without a driver.

Formula Drive Rent a car provides SUV, economy, and sports car rentals in Dubai. You can choose from more than cars from the most popular brands.

Cheap offers to Rent a Car in Dubai.

Find out what rental cars are available and shortlist them according to your budget and needs. Comparing cars from different rental companies in the UAE requires considering several factors. Contact us today over a call, text over WhatsApp, or email to rent your favorite car. Our core values are price transparency, customer privacy, and customer satisfaction.

We offer rental cars at the most competitive rates all around the year. Hire at the best market rates daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly.

Based on availability, promotions and offers are regularly updated for the same car model/type. Find your dream car today!

Select your desired hatchback, sedan, luxury or sports car, SUV any vehicle, including vans and pickup trucks, based on your preference and budget.

Huge Selection of Car Rental Dubai:

Get affordable rental cars that are easy on the pocketbook or an exotic sports car that looks amazing and drives well. You can choose from popular auto brands such as

Formula Drive Rent a Car has the largest collection (self-owned) to rent cars by brands in Dubai, including luxury cars, sports cars, exotic SUVs, and supercars. It can be rented for a day (24 hours minimum), a week, or even a year. There is a standard mileage limit and insurance included in all prices.

For alternate car options, use our advanced search options to find the best car for their exact requirements. From luxury sedans by BMW and Audi to sports cars by Porsche, Ferrari, and SUVs by  , Lincoln, and Maserati, you’ll find it all on Formula Drive Rent a Car.

Rent a Car Dubai for Monthly Package:

If you’re visiting Dubai for a project or any short-term business or tourist visa, rental cars will be the best way to travel inside the city. So, if you rent a car monthly in Dubai, it provides a range of advantages over buying one. It’s economical and hassle-free. The standard mileage is 3000km or above, which is enough for most users. A monthly bill is sent for Salik (tolls). Maintenance and registration are taken care of by the company. Your car is replaced if it breaks down or is involved in an accident.